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Two mothers, five children die in Sokoto after eating dambu breakfast



TRAGEDY struck in Kaura Village, Yabo Local Government Area of Sokoto State, yesterday, when seven family members died after eating a native delicacy for breakfast.

  The two women were wives of one man while the five children were their own.

  Head of the family, Malam Danbala, said one of his wives cooked the local delicacy called dambu in the area.

  Explaining how he rushed home from Niger State where he had gone to work on a building site with other artisans, Danbala said he got the tragic news form his brother.

  “I was in Niger State where I work as a labourer when I received a call on Monday, from one of my brothers that there was a problem which required my urgent attention at home. He asked me to come back home as soon as I could. I insisted on knowing what happened but he cut the call without making further comment. So I took the early morning bus to Sokoto and when I reached home, I discovered all members of my family with the exception of my little daughter were all gone. They were buried even before my arrival on Tuesday, as our religion demanded. They all ate to their satisfaction and after a while, they started complaining of stomach pain and were all rushed to the hospital. The five children died first, followed by my wives who died around midnight but my little girl is responding to treatment because she did not eat much from the food,” he said.

  Residents say dambu meal is usually prepared from whole grains, including maize, wheat or sorghum, cooked with pounded or sliced meat but nobody was able to say if there was anything wrong with the one that killed the seven family members.

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