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Pandemonium as man attacks sex workers with machete in Awka



THE ever-busy Abakaliki Street in Awka, the capital city of Anambra State, was, on Monday night, thrown into pandemonium, as a middle-aged man chased over 30 harlots away from their duty posts with machete.

The man, identified by his nickname ‘Good and Bad’ was said to be very notorious in the area and always gets himself intoxicated and ‘high’ with  alcohol, ‘weed’, and crystal methamphetamine (popularly known as mkpụrụmmiri) paraded the street with his machete.

It was gathered that Good and Bad has a long-standing issue with one other man also identified by his nickname, Easy Life, who owns one of the roadside chalets in Abakaliki Street where prostitutes sell their goods to ‘Short-time’ buyers.

  Easy Life, who also owns a Black Market (fuel shop) and a shop where cigarettes, condoms, dry gins and other alcoholic drinks are sold in the area, was said to have accused Good and Bad of robbery in his shop —an accusation that did not only cause them to bicker, but also turned their long-standing friendship into perpetual enmity.

  Good and Bad, after a supposed ‘highness’ on Monday night, unexpectedly stormed the Chalet of the sex workers  with a machete, and started striking everywhere, thereby forcing everyone to take to flee for safety, including some customers, the harlots, and Easy Life himself.

  A source revealed that even some customers and harlots who were in ‘the other room’ at the moment immediately grabbed their clothes and hurried out half-dressed.

  As though he was not satisfied, after a brief more actions, Good and Bad who stormed the area in a tricycle laden with three men, also gave a hot chase to the fear-gripped harlots, with his machete still tightly held in his hands, for a mission only known to him. He was also bellicosely quarreling  running, went home straight. 

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 “If I no kill Easy Life this night, make unah know say no be me be Good and Bad. Easy Life must die this night, or make I die!” he repeatedly shouted around, boastfully hitting his chest.

  The drama, however, became more climatic as the much-talked-about Easy Life stormed the scene with his own 3-man squad (boarded in a tricycle) and with a tattered shovel in his hand, with which he violently attacked Good and Bad on a missed hit, as he (Good and Bad) dodged the strike, sneaked off into his squad’s tricycle and zoomed off immediately.

  Easy Life himself, however, swore that he must kill Good and Bad, and that he must repay all the losses his business had incurred that night as a result of his actions.

  He immediately entered the tricycle and zoomed off with his squad in search of Good and Bad, whose whereabouts was unknown to any.

  It was some minutes after the drama that the escaped sex workers  started sneaking out from their hiding places one after the other.

  Some of them shortly returned to their duty posts, while few others whose clothes were stained and those whose footwears were cut when they were

    It was later gathered that some of the harlots changed duty post that night, and neither did Good and Bad or any member of his squad ever surface again in the street throughout the night.

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