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Anambra @ 31: We’ve brighter future – Chinenye Nnoruka



THERE’S been a lot of challenge, and no country or state can stand firm without challenges. But I believe that with time, things will get better. There has been a lot of ups and downs and also achievements too.

  The state is heading to a better future. For instance, God has given us a good governor that has experience and also senators going to the Federal House to represent us.

  There’s been a lot of changes, people trying to vote in people that are competent. We are hoping on God for a better change.

Security should be improved – Ifeanyi Gerald

THE  state is trying in the aspect of governorship election. But the security sector need to be improved. Anambra is lagging behind in infrastructure, bad roads that you cannot move from one place to another and have an easy movement. In the sector of insecurity, I think the state has done well especially in the aspect of touts in Onitsha. You can travel without any fear but they still need to do more and improve.

  In the aspect of street lights, Anambra has done well in the past years but of recent, Anambra is lagging behind and other aspects like Kidnapping and stealing has reduced but we need to improve more on this aspect.

  The government is trying her best in the aspect of tax to be paid in one angle and be used judiciously. The governor, Prof Charles Soludo tried his best to stop the touts in collecting the tax and i hope that what the governor said will be implemented with immediate effect.  Things are very costly now especially in the aspect of food.  Food and other things are costly unlike in the past years and I think the government should improve in this aspect to reduce the cost of things in order to make the state improve and better.

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