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Anambra @ 31: views of Nigerian elites



Our reporters, Winifred Bosa, Kosi Chukwuagolum, Stella Obi, Chika Nnadozie, Maureen Ikpeama, Blessing Nnabuife, Chike Ifedi, Uche Okani and Juliet Nnoruka went into town to seek the views of Nigerian elites on 31 years of Anambra State. Excerpts:

Anambra, heading to the top – Okolo Chukwujindu Anthony

I think ndi Anambra are heading to the top because of the massive cooperation going on in the state between the government and private firms/individuals. Anambra has many achievements, most likely their natural resources like now being part of the oil producing states in Nigeria, but i think the greatest achievement of Anambra is the good individuals the state has produced, people like Louis Odumegwu Ojukwu, Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu and the saviour of our time, Mr Peter obi (Okolo Chukwujindu Anthony is  from Enugu)

Anambra is going scientific – Noel Diyoke

ANAMBRA State at 31 is going educational and scientific. I say this because of the giant strides it has achieved in both sectors beginning from the time of Mr. Peter Obi as the governor down to the current Governor Soludo, whom i think is following the tremendous work he did as the Governor of Central Bank and will still do more. The state’s greatest achievements are in security and education. (Noel Diyoke is from Enugu)

With Soludo, the new Anambra will be achieved – Woke Chioma 

BY 2031, Anambra is definitely moving to its permanent site. I strongly believe the current government will make a meaningful impact. This current government of Soludo is not one that will compromise its political agendas to the selfish desires of those trying to own the state to itself. I think it’s greatest achievements are the industrious, successful and peaceful Anambrarians. I actually know that this current administration, with its successful records will definitely take Anambra to the limelight. It will be an envy of other states!

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  The new Anambra will be achieved. (Woke Chioma Theodora is from Enugu)

Anambra elects credible governors – Aneke Darlington Azinze

ANAMBRA as a state is on a journey to a destination better than where it has been for the past four years with Soludo as governor. Erecting revenue generating structures and electing credible governors.(Aneke Darlington Arinze is from  Enugu)

Anambra, an economic viable state – Amah Chinonso Kingsley

AT 31, Anambra State should be one of the biggest commercial hubs in Africa. The state has the full potential to attain such height if the central government can provide an enabling environment by opening Onitsha seaport and upgrading her airport to full international airport. On the state’s greatest achievement, one of the economic viable states in the country that can do without the federal government allocation. (Amah Chinonso Kingsley is  from Enugu)

Demolition of wrongly built structures, commendable – Anieke Somtochukwu

ANAMBRA is a well-developed state that people will like traveling to for holiday with the massive development in both infrastructure, ambiance and security. Sanitation and demolition of wrongly built structures that is not on plan with Ministry of Lands is the greatest achievement. (Anieke Somtochukwu is from Enugu)

Anambra, leading in education – Nwobodo

TO me, I think Anambra state have improved so much. With the construction of airport, partnership with foreign nations to bring progress to the state, cleanliness of the environment and many more, I think the state is heading or already headed to greater heights. The state’s greatest achievement is their educational sector; I think it’s one of the best in the whole federation. (Nwobodo Blessing Ukamaka is from Enugu)

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