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Anambra @ 31: Things can get better – Ughanze Charles Nnamdi



ANAMBRA has gone so far in terms of development despite the instability in so many areas like the economic meltdown which is affecting the world, not just Anambra but also other states. Health wise, they are trying; that’s why they brought ASHIA to us and other health facilities to improve the health well-being of the ndi Anambra.

  In the sector of security, in the past years, the state has been the number one of insecurity but in recent times, the state is not lagging behind although there are so many unsecured parts in the state. In the sector of education, the governments are doing their best based on the fact that ASUU strike is a general issue. Anambra is trying their best because the state university is not on strike.

  The new government should do more and improve; though the new government is having an impact in the sector of infrastructure and revenue generation and should look into other aspects and sectors.

  The governor, Prof Charles Soludo promised us Anambra Dubai and I am looking forward that he will do that and Anambra will do better.

  The international airport they gave us is making us the satellite communities which other communities benefited from it and which you can travel to any part of the country without the fear of the unknown.

  In the nearest future, Anambra will be better. Our government implemented and fulfilled their electoral promises. They have done well in the past; they are making efforts to do more and they should do better. In Anambra’s 31 years anniversary, they are doing well but should improve, especially in the sector of insecurity which affects the business of the people. When you cannot move around and do business peacefully, it’s a problem. There are bad roads and you cannot have an easy movement. There are no much industries and companies.

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  There are so many hotels; If they will bring down more companies and infrastructure, there will be more employment and less unemployment of our youths in the state.

I see Anambra heading to top states– Mbachu Victor

ANAMBRA has been good;  they have good legacy, they’re topping in the educational sector .But they’re lacking in  roads and some infrastructures but they’re good in the education sector.

  I see Anambra topping. It all boils down to good governance. Just like now, I would say that we have a good government. We currently have someone capable on the seat.

  If Anambra keeps up with the work, getting to have good government officials, I see the state going far. Just like recently, I’ve gotten to see Soludo’s works; the way his government treats situations and problems with a good approach and people call him “Talk and do”.

  So with him and people like him, Anambra would be among the best states if they keep up the good work

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