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Nnewi-South to convert erosion sites to fish ponds



THE transition committee chairman, Nnewi-South local Government Area of Anambra State, Ikenna Oluchukwu Aniagboso says his administration is determined to leave an indelible impression in the minds of the people irrespective of daunting challenges especially as it concerns erosion menace.

  Aniagboso, who said that the present administration in Anambra State is governed by inventions, innovations and disruptive ideas aimed at instituting a new order of human and infrastructural development, maintained that strategic plans are underway to convert erosion sites in the council area to fish ponds for economic growth and advancement. He said the plan is in line with Governor Soludo’s disruptive change mantra.

  The TC chairman also stated that part of the objectives of the plan to convert erosion sites to artificial lakes for massive fish production is for Nnewi-South Local Government to stand out as the highest producer of fish for domestic consumptions and export.

   He said he was currently in talks with the Anambra State Aquaculture Business Development Agency on how Nnewi-South can become the highest producer of fish in the state even though it is crystal clear that there are no rivers in the council area. Aniagboso stated that the goal was to convert their disadvantages to opportunities for greater exploits especially in the realm of agriculture and rural development.

  The Nnewi-South Council Chairman who had an exclusive interview with our correspondent in his office, explained further that in spite of the capital intensive nature of erosion control, the council will embark on building embarkments and filling some of the erosion sites where it plans to transform into lakes and large ponds for the rearing of hybrid fingerlings for commercial purposes.

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  Another reason Aniagboso hinted for the conversion of erosion sites to artificial lakes was to help channel drainages properly in the form of water settlements for aquatic life. He said poor termination of drainages is a major cause of erosion in the area. He also pointed out that in the case of Nnewi-South, there is hardly a point of termination as the local government area lacked natural water settlements.

  According to him, ” building embarkments to ensure that gullies neither cave in nor expand further and channeling drainages therein provides a point of termination for drainages built within the local government area. Such water settlements can then be converted to lakes or ponds where aquatic life can be grown.”

  Aniagboso further explained that his team is studying and making necessary consultations on the possibility of converting gullies to artificial lakes thus turning a disadvantage to a wealth creating opportunity.

  The council boss said it is a statement of fact that the Soludo inspired agric revolution is ongoing via the distribution of palm and cocoa nut seedlings to build a rich and viable agro economy in Anambra State, adding that improved palm and cocoa nut seedlings have been distributed in the area for planting and actualisation of green vegetations for food production and control of erosion devastations.

   He said Governor Chukwuma Charles Soludo is making frantic efforts to restoring the lost glory of Anambra State being the hub of palm production and that  the vision is to ensure that farmers get up to one million palm yielding seedlings for the purpose of achieving a thriving agro economy anchored on palm produce.

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  Aniagboso, who informed that all the wards in Nnewi-South have taken delivery of the improved palm seedlings, maintained that the council area plans to embark on tree planting for the purposes of afforestation, beautifications and importantly, for prevention of erosion. He said that it is in line with the governor’s vision of a clean, green, liveable and prosperous Anambra state.

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