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Government should promulgate new city ordinances – Dozie Okpalugo



Dozie Okpalugo

ANAMBRA has done extremely well going by attainable standards by states in Nigeria. The state is endowed with  an unprecedented level of human capital and has equally occupied that space as the major and integral start up hub in the country as a result of ndiAnmabra’s “I can do” spirit.

  Its trade and commerce activities dwarfs that of its contemporaries year in year out. The state has raised the bar when it comes to community development in the form of giving back by its long list of philanthropist with deep pockets. There are laudable things about Anambra that will take a long time to piece together, but here is the thing;  it remains ndiAnmabra’s best kept secret and we most certainly will always be the light of the Nation.

  We can do better on leveraging on our sustainable successes overtime, which will clearly create a seamless path towards our desire to create a quality and livable Anambra that meets the millennial standards for quality of life.  Government in turn should promulgate new city ordinances and enforce extant laws in its resolve to stay positively disruptive while governing.

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