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Food sellers lament rising cost of fooditems in Anambra, Kaduna, Lagos



FOOD sellers in Anambra, Kaduna, Lagos and many states across the nation are lamenting high cost of foodstuff and other commodities.

  Regretting that the development is making life unbearable and businesses more difficult, those who volunteered comments called on federal government and other relevant authorities to expedited action in finding solution.

  While callers at food sections in Eke Awka, Ose and Ogbaru Main Markets in Anambra State at Bakin Dogo market yesterday say they have continued to buy lesser quantities of foodstuff since the year with same or even bigger amount that bought more quantities for them in the past, their counterparts in Kasuwn Barci in Kaduna metropolis say their predicaments defy explanation.

  The same mood was also observed in Abuja and Lagos where both sellers of foodstuff and their customers are complaining and blaming the government for not doing enough to make food affordable for ordinary Nigerians.

  According to a food seller in Kasuwan Barci, Wasilat Yusuf, she has been in the business for over 20 years but coping with current increase in prices of foodstuff is a nightmare.

  “It has not been easy for me since the death of my husband five years ago. He used to help me with my business, especially financially and also assisted me when foodstuff prices started to increase. Initially, I used to sell a plate of food with meat for N200 naira. Now I have been forced to increase it to N500 if the customer buys one piece of meat, and N700 with two pieces of meat,” she said.

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  A dealer in grains in Eke Awka, John Ezeani, said due to continuous rise in landing costs, traders are forced to keep increasing prices of commodities, but this robs them of adequate turnover, because customers keep complaining.

  “Every time we take delivery of foodstuff from different parts of the country, we find their prices have increased. It has always been like this but it has gotten out of hand since the year. In order to break even or make little profit, we are forced to increase selling price but this hinders normal turnover because customers will not like to pay more than what they use to pay,” he said.

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