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Anambra @ 31: From analogue to digitalisation



Our reporters, Winifred Bosa, Kosi Chukwuagolum, Stella Obi, Chika Nnadozie, Maureen Ikpeama, Blessing Nnabuife, Chike Ifedi, Uchechi Okani and Juliet Nnoruka went into town to seek the views of Nigerian elites on 31 years of Anambra State. Excerpts:

Stability of political system, commendable – Uche

ANAMBRA State at 31 is heading to greatness, a state of many accomplishments and political stability. For now, l will say that there are lots of achievements. The greatest of the achievements of Anambra State is the stability of political system. Over the years, the citizens of the state or the dwellers in the state vote not for political party but by people’s choice.That is to say, they vote on trust, vision, experience, transparency and reliability of the aspirants running for different government offices .

  It is worthy to note that the state has embarked on capital intensive projects in the last few years from previous governors in the state like provision of Stock Exchange Market, by independently building of NNPC in the state, building of Anambra airport, collaboration of reputable industrialists of the state in helping the government in ensuring that the state is an industrialised state, to mention but a few. All these developments have been providing adequate jobs for the masses living in the state and have contributed immensely to the development of our dear Anambra State.

  Secondly, The citizens of the state are very committed, dedicated, have hustling spirits to business, as well as have accommodating and welcoming spirits than other eastern states although they have zero tolerance to nonsense  and are very bold to state their minds; these have been the major reasons for them thriving so well in businesses or have recorded successes in various fields they have indulged. The tremendous business successes in the state are very visible, vast and for this singular reason, the state is well known as a commercial state since  every town or area in the state engage actively in business; that is to say that people with positive mindset can achieve greater task.

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  It is also on record that there is currently recruitment of workers in the state, prompt payment of salaries to workers and pensioners. It is obvious the era of political fatherism has been totally eschewed but rather, unity, progress and development.

  Nevertheless, there are still challenges of insecurities in the state. If Anambra can stand and overcome some challenges which other states are still finding it difficult to do, then we can say we are totally heading in the right direction.

The state government should rise up and save its citizens from this impending doom of insecurity as innocent lives are lost on daily basis as well as kidnapped and tortured cruelly; let’s not wait for the federal government. l believe with this unity of mind and purpose that we have now, we can defeat this outrageous monsters that slaughter lives on daily basis and the best way to achieve that is that the state government should empower different communities with skills, trainings and tools  in order to have men of integrity with high reputation who do not have record of fraud activities but are actively strong to be vigilante groups  men safeguarding citizens in every community of the state.

Their working ethics should be one built on trust, commitment, fearlessness and determination to save lives and should be selected by people of different communities not specifically leaders because they know such persons and such persons selected are assumed to know their community well while the community leaders should forward the chosen names to government, then government should ensure these things are fully enforced or implemented.

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  The state government should also bear in mind that the major dividends of democracy that people expect are chiefly security of lives and properties. Others include health,education, economy reviving , infrastructural development among others. Until people travel on Anambra State roads or stay in their different communities alive or live without fear of unknown or kidnapping in their different homes, then we can boldly say that we have become no:1 in the country.

  There is also need to brace up in infrastructural developments especially the roads in the state which the current state government has started already with Amansea Road and we expect greater things more from our current and dear governor, Prof. Charles Soludo.

  In fact, Anambra is a state that set pace for others. It is truly light of the nation. We commit our dear state to God Almighty who has been our help in the past and ages to come to always divinely assist the leaders of Anambra State in ensuring that the light of our state will shine out for the world to see that not even the threat of insecurity can quench it.( Margaret Uche is an Anambra indigene based in Enugu)

Becoming highly commercialised, industrialised state – Udeh is from Enugu 

ANAMBRA is increasingly becoming a highly commercialised and industrialised state.

Her greatest achievement is high quality education and secured and boisterous economy (Udeh Collins Obinna is from Enugu)

They believe in live and let live – Chima

I see Anambra as the most economically vibrant and commercial stable state in our country, Nigeria. Anambra has the richest private business men in Africa. One thing is unique with Anambrarians; live and let live (onyeaghananwanneya, egbebere, ugobere). I love the spirit of Anambra people. They are too enterprising, entrepreneurial. Anambra as a state has achieved so many feats, ranging from rural development, human empowerment to high standard of education which wealth and poverty alleviation is rated the most. (Chima Philip eze is from Enugu)

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Anambra people need coordination – Emeka

I think so far so good, they are moving ahead but their major problem is coordination, they need to put Anambrarians at heart in terms of basic infrastructure and economical support to the masses that help and better their wellbeing.Moreover, there is still alot to go for as in educational sector, skill acquisition and to rap it up security will be also the main focus.

  I think the states greatest achievement is the vehicle manufacturing company not minding the individual but it’s a plus to Anambra as a state and we should put more effort to sustain and improve it better. Also, the airport needs to be standardised to attract more investors. (EmekaNwakaego is  from Enugu)

Making huge progress – Anyaegbunam

AT 31, Anambra is no longer a kid. Anambra has gone diaspora.Anambra is making a lot of progress and is still making in business, skills and development. Well, the state has made so many achievements, but a remarkable positive one at the moment is the Anambra Cargo International Airport. It is a big achievement for the state considering the massive business turns in Anambra. (Anyaegbunam Maureen Ifeọmais from Anambra)

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