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Anambra @ 31: From analogue to digitalisation



Our reporters, Winifred Bosa, Kosi Chukwuagolum, Stella Obi, Chika Nnadozie, Maureen Ikpeama, Blessing Nnabuife, Chike Ifedi, Uchechi Okani and Juliet Nnoruka went into town to seek the views of Nigerian elites on 31 years of Anambra State. Excerpts:

Anambra’s transformed several Nigerians into billionaires – Festus Oviosun

MY RESPECT goes to Anambra State as she marks her 31 anniversary. A lot has happened and more will still be happening as the state moves forward to solving their indigenous problems which could be perceived as a national challenge.

  “Well, as it stands, we truly understand that every successful nation today gains its autonomous power through an instrument known as positive agitation and revolution with the involvement of a like mind. However, in the case of the IPoB in Anambra State, the way and manners in which the said agitators handle situations have gone beyond gaining freedom for the people and I must say it is the worst attempt or way of approaching the government to conform with the people’s interest and demands. Let’s take a wider look into the several cases of victims that took place a few years ago till date, you’ll agree with me that countless innocent death of citizens and government officials were heartlessly murdered by the above agitators either by deliberate shooting or by other suffocation.

  “Why did I say so? We’re talking about freedom fighters and in the course same struggle parts are camouflaged even kidnapping, raping, stealing, converting people’s goods and all manner of atrocities in spite that several people were humiliated, intimidated and dehumanized through disengaging them from their basic rights.

  “Moreover, no sane human or government will ever give a listening ear to such devilling ways for division because there are several legal measures you can as well undergo should you fail to carry out the revolution in a suitable way. Even in most civilised countries in Europe today, for instance, the UK were Scotland, Ireland, Wales England etc. They gained their freedom through unique legal approaches healthy for their citizens without restrictions from the business.

  I believe the Anambra State Government has all that it takes to combat the unending security threats only if it is interesting and willing to do that for the indigent to live in peace with both federal and state governments.

  Furthermore, in any given society where there’s no government, such a state or society will not exist, vis-a-vis.

  That is to say, the government has every resource under its control and can manage them with all levels of discretion. Because, if we believe some set of people constitute a crime and we know too well that same set of people live in such an environment and then equip themselves even more than government agencies then who is to be blamed?

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  And we believed we have borders both in state and outside the state with some personnel called government agents positioned in various strategic points, even the internal security personnel apart from borders.

  To set the ball rolling, it means that some government agencies and personnel are insiders as well as political leaders.

  This situation can only be curved by sensitising the security agencies, and politicians and also equipping the machinery with functional weapons against any attack else it will keep escalating.

  On the issue of ‘sit down at home, we don’t need a soothsayer to tell the Anambra people that it is hurting the state economy and if care is not taken, may result to collapse in no distant time.

  In the same vein, you can imagine for a couple of months or over a year, a sovereign and autonomous state like Anambra, the heart of the South-East and commercial hub of the nation is not effective in daily transactions and operations due to some set or group of individuals tormenting the state and her citizens not considering that every developed nation today exist through education as the basis of economic growth and at the same time the various economic activities and commercial institutions that thrive the buoyancy of any robust state are frequently mandated to remain or observe sit at home which is detrimental to the economy, citizens health and standard of living.

  Anyways like I’ll say, it is not their fault because people would say “he who blows the piper dictates the tone” hence the so-called agitators were already given the leverage of carrying out their nefarious activities with their shenanigans; why won’t they remain a demi-god to the South East in general?

Honestly, it is really painful and sarcastic that such happened in a legitimate state.

  Taking about revamping the economy of the state, we all know the governor of Anambra State, Prof ChukwumaSoludo was one time CBN Governor but from my observation, to some extent, he may try to be an expert in the economic sector but cannot guarantee you 100 per cent of it. Because, at times, being a politician or inborn leader is different from being in the field or a technocrat. Hence we have seen such cases where the economic expert becomes the ruler and underperformed.

  The quest to stabilise or revive the economy is not just a gainsay or a nightmare reason being that as a politician, if you are not disciplined and a God-fearing servant, the people involved in the government may not want you to realise your aims and objectives simply because stealing, embezzlement and other illicit practices are their nature.

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  Therefore the potential of reforming the economy may seem not to be a reality hence there’s no way you can do without politics of inclusion and favouritism in his governance.

  Hmmm…like we used to know years ago Anambra is a beautiful state for tourism, culture-wise, viable commercial centre and full of lively skilled personnel with ideology especially if it comes to trade.

Therefore it has also been rated among one of the calm states in Nigeria years ago, especially the existence of “Bakassi boys” in conjunction with the government as at then, who fought tooth and nail to ensure the stability of peace of the people in the society and its surroundings, even when some individuals tried to carry out obnoxious activities before it’s executions the Bakassi boys detect and reveal and that gave them one of the strongest forces in those days, that for anyone to migrate to Anambra, you must take away every negative agenda to avoid being caught and disgrace.

  This security system lasted for a while, not until a shift in government when some persons begin to impersonate them.Now if this system is to be more efficient and effective than in the past, Anambra State would have remained one of the best (Primus inter pares) of its kind in commercial activities or international trade just as it would have looked like a country inside a country.

  Though it’s still a well-known state for business, it has transformed several Nigerians into billionaires. Oviosunis a political analyst from Edo

Her strength rests in natural resources – Israel Okundaye

“THE government of Anambra State has all that it takes to restore peace on troubled water. Soludo has had the taste of corporate governance from his predecessors and has had lucid political and economic experience in the field. Judging by his track records, especially as a one-time CBN Governor, he should be able to promote corporate governance and align it with state laws. I am throwing my weight behind him to deliver good governance giving the citizens renewed hope.

  Anambra as a fraction of Nigeria has had the tap and touch of good governance, as well as the poor outcomes of saboteurs in the guise of government over the years. The strength bequeathed to the state rest in her natural resources plus the weights of the calibre of political statuses that may have piloted her affairs as a state. Her weakness can be summarised into the economic crises being witnessed currently due to the activities and undoing of separatists in the region. (Mr Israel Okundaye is aprolific poet from Edo)

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Anambra soars high in education – Ehi Orukpe

ANAMBRA State was formed on February 3, 1976, when East-Central State was divided into Anambra and Imo States. On August 27th, 1991, Anambra was again divided to form the present Anambra and Enugu States. From August 27th, 1991, she has been on a steady but shaky growth in terms of social, educational, economic rise and manpower.

  In search of development, Anambra State got herself together and started developing rural areas; good roads were constructed, there was all round development. The health care was still an ongoing process by past and present administrations.

  Anambra State went through a refining process, looking for directions through several administrations. For the past 31 years of the state’s creation, each successive government in its capabilities developed potentials of the people and placed the state on part of growth.

  The state has witnessed tremendous development in the different sectors of the economy. Anambra’s greatest achievement is in the education sector. Before the feat attainment in education sector, within the years in review, the state was lagging behind, experiencing low positions; a good number of out of school children. But with commitment, successive governments transformed the state educational system through partnership with the churches. And this partnership helped in the education sector and health sector. This propelled Anambra State from low position to number one in external exams – NECO & WAEC and national and international competitions. Returning the schools to the missions helped a lot.

The state’s force to reckon with – Patrick Offordile

ANAMBRA is going to be a force to be reckoned with internationally; technologically, economically, and otherwise. Since creation of Anambra, the state has been making progress in all sectors of the economy,

  Within the period in review, the state witnessed a lot of improvement in the areas of education, health and infrastructure.Generally, since the creation of the state in August 1991, Anambra has undergone a lot of transformation.  In the area of investment, investors are willing to invest in the state and indigenes of the state domiciled outside Anambra come home at will now.

  The state with its steady progress and transformation, in years to come will turn out to be a beautiful bride. Anambra has a world acclaimed economist as governor in person of Prof Charles Soludo. He would work assiduously hard to transform the state. However, Prof Soludo and his deputy need prayers, cooperation and support from Anambra citizens.

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