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Telecoms users’ rep  kicks against FG’s move for new tariff on phone calls, others



PRESIDENT, National Association of Telecoms Subscribers in Nigeria, Adeolu Ogubanjo, has warned the federal government to drop its plan to begin the implementation of its planned five per cent tariff hike on telephone calls, SMS, and data, stressing that such would automatically compound the hardship common Nigerians are currently passing through if implemented now.

However, the president, who gave the warning while featuring in a media conversation recently in Abuja, passionately appealed to the government to seek another avenue to generate revenue other than multiplying the plights of the common citizens in the country.

He emphatically said, “I must say that the implementation of five per cent tariff hike on telephone calls, SMS, data now, is no no for the subscribers.

“I can remember that on July 28th, NCC actually had a get-together or stakeholders meeting, inviting the Association of Lienced Telecommunications Operators, an association of telecommunications companies in Nigeria, and also the Association of Telecoms Subscribers in Nigeria…

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