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Glitz as Onwukwe joins Ndichie Nkpor



…Heads Mgbachu Village

BARELY two years after his discharge and acquittal by an Onitsha High Court, following his remand in the prison custody at Onitsha Correctional Center by the court on a two-count charge of conspiracy and murder, Ogbuefi Ichie Ume Godwin Onwukwe, formerly known as Apiti Nkpor, has joined the royal cabinet of Nkpor ,  Idemili North Local Government Area of Anambra State as head of Mgbachu Village, member of Ndichie Ume Nkpor and as Odu Nkataukwu 5th of Nkpor.

   Onwukwe, one-time president of Nkpor National Youth Movement; one-time vice president of Nkpor Development Union (NDU) and chairman of the defunct Idemili North West Local Government Area of Anambra State, created in 2003 with headquarters at Nkpor, was recently crowned as Odu V of Nkpor, having been unanimously found capable of inheriting his forefathers’ seat as head of Mgbachu village and their representative at Nkpor Royal Cabinet.

   Onwukwe inherited the title as Odu 5th from his forefathers’ lineage dated back to about 200 years ago as his great grandfather, Okoye Odu was Odu 1st, followed by his grandfather, Onwukwe as Odu 2nd, who handed over to Peter Onwukwe as Odu 3rd and then to.Vincent Oguelina Onwukwe as Odu 4th and himself now the Odu 5th.

   The title taking ceremony which is known as Ido Ezumezu in Nkpor parlance, took place at the palace of the traditional ruler of Nkpor, Igwe Christopher Ibegbunam II.

   In the absence of Igwe Ibegbunam II, the ceremony was presided over by the traditional Prime Minister of Nkpor, Onowu Emmanuel Ifejika Udeze and assisted by other members of Nkpor royal cabinet, including Gabriel Oraekwuotu Ogene Nkpor and head of Isingwu village; Ichie Ume Tochukwu Molokwu Ozoma Nkpor and head of Amafor village and their cabinet members from various villages and all works of life.

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   After the brief ceremonies which signified the formal admission of Onwukwe as the Odu Nkataukwu V of Nkpor, the jubilant Onwukwe, dressed in his royal white/white chieftaincy regalia, with a red cap to march, dashed out of the royal palace with the executive members of his Mgbachu Village, led by its chairman, Chief Arinze Idemili and another prominent son of Nkpor,,Chibuzo Okeke ,

   While dancing home from the palace, those escorting him spread naira notes on his head as they danced along with him in tune with a laud traditional dance band, which enabled him and his followers to trek from Igwe’s palace to his own palace with brief stop overs in some compounds he considered to be of strategic importance.

   Other cabinet members who spoke about the ceremony, including Michael Obinwa jnr, Iyasele Mgbachu; Chile Boniface Anikpe Onwa Mgbachu; Nnamdi Okoye Agba Mgbachu and Sunday Okonkwo Agie Mgbachu, testified that Onwukwe deserved the coveted Oduship stool in the royal cabinet, adding that they have implicit confidence in him occupying the seat and performing his legitimate duties effectively as the Odu V of Nkpor.

   The.Osuma of Nkpor and chairman of Ohanaeze Ndigbo Idemili North Local Government Area Chapter, Chief Austin Udo; the Onatlaludikemma of Nkpor, Chief Chibuzo Okeke, the APC House of Assembly candidate for Idemili North State Constituency and Chief Arinze I’demili, Onoja Mgbachu, chairman of Mgbachu Village, who also spoke at the event, pledged to give him maximum support and assistance in the discharge of his duties as the Odu Nkpor representing Mgbachu village in the royal cabinet.

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   Responding, Onwukwe expressed gratitude to God for preserving his life till date when he finally ascended the seat, adding that he has already designed empowerment programmes for the youths of Mgbachu Village.

  He emphasised that he had already set up a peace committee to resolve all discrepancies in the village, adding that he would set up more committees to create employment windows for the youths in his area.

  Onwukwe who noted that he has forgiven those who wronged him, including those who roped him into a murder case that landed him in prison custody, also pleaded with those who felt he wronged them to forgive him with all their hearts.

   He pledged that he will equally liaise with government and vigilante group in the village to maintain security, peace and create jobs, having gone to Igwe’s palace to occupy my vacant seat.

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