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Final rites for Ma Okeke amid encomiums



The late Okeke

 LIFE is a gift, a privilege from God. It should be explored for the good of today and eternity. For everyday of life, every mortal should express gratitude to the Lord by thanking Him for His blessings. Life shouldn’t be taken for granted. When humans understand the essence of life, the passage through earth becomes rewarding. Every human should be a joy to be celebrated. 

  Archdeacon, Cathedral Church of St. Faith,Awka, Venerable Samuel Okonkwo, stated this during the funeral service for the late Mrs.Ngozichukwuka Okeke, held at the St. Christopher’s Anglican Church, Obunagu, Awka.

  Venerable Okonkwosaid nothing in this world is eternal and that the world will pass away with all things, adding that consciousness of life should awaken everyone to this reality.

  Venerable Okonkwoeulogised Ma Okeke’s fervency in advancing God’s kingdom, describing her as a cheerful giver, a hardworking Christian with commendable deeds for her children and others that is worthy of celebration. 

  Pastor Ndubusi Okeke, son of the late Ma Okeke, filled with emotions, said his mother may have gone to be with the Lord but lives in his memory, “Egoaka as I fondly called her was an epitome of Godly parent. Growing up under her tutelage gave me deep knowledge of who she was and what I had as a mother in her…”

  Dr Nkech iOkeke, daughter of the late Ma Okeke, who described her mother as God fearing, loving and rare to come across, said she was a priceless jewel. An epitome of womanhood, benevolence, and tireless advancer God’s kingdom.

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  “All through her lifetime, she hated laziness and idleness with passion. She was always busy with one domestic chore or the other, praying, studying and meditating on the word of God as well as praising God was her lifestyle…”

  Until her death, Ma Okeke served in God’s vineyard in various capacities. She was a member of Women’s Guild and Mother’s Union of the Anglican Church of St. Christopher’s Anglican Church, Awka, an ordained ‘Lay Reader, Mother of Good Faith and a chorister at St. Faith’s Cathedral Church, Awka.

  Mama Brigade, as was fondly called at St. Faith’s Cathedral Church, Awka, was for many years, secretary to many organisations in both at St. Faith’s Church, and St. Christopher’s Anglican Church,ObunaguAwka.

Until her death, Ma Okeke was the treasurer of St. Christopher’s Anglican Church, Obunagu Village, Awka

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