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Drivers without license ‘ll no longer drive Nigeria – Obi



ANOTHER outpour of love and solidarity by the Nigerian citizens has recently surfaced the atmosphere during the arrival of the Presidential Candidate of Labour Part, Peter Obi at Jamie Pajoel International Leadership Conference, Owerri, Imo State.

  Mr Peter Obi, who is also the special guest of honor at the event, shared his ideas with the youths and noted that “drivers without license will no longer drive this vehicle called Nigeria”, adding that it is a born out of the fact that Nigeria suffers from lack of true, visionary and sacrificial leadership.

  I stated that the vast landmass in the North remains one of the best assets of the nation and has unfortunately left unexplored as the country totally depend on oil revenue.

  In his words:  “A visionary leadership in the country would invest in agriculture and put the rich, vast lands of the North to good use. In the coming elections therefore, we shall refuse to be divided along ethnic and religious lines. Hunger and suffering know no tribe. Christians do not buy food anywhere cheaper than Muslims.”

  “The high cost of living, high level of insecurity and every other challenge is affecting all Nigerians equally, irrespective of tribe and religion. We must then unite as one and rally behind capable leaders with verifiable track records of success for the sake of our collective interest”, he concluded.

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