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In Oyo, CSOs seek inclusion in COVID vaccination, Routine Immunisation



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CIVIL Society Organisations (CSOs) and other critical stakeholders in Nigeria’s health sector have called on the Oyo State Government to strengthen CSOs’ involvement to improve Routine Immunisation (RI) and increase utilisation of COVID-19 vaccines in the state.

    The call was part of their recommendations at the end of a two-day review and validation meeting of COVID-19 and Health Security Accountability Scorecards for Oyo State, with CSOs, Young People and the Media, organised by the African Health Budget Network (AHBN) in Abuja.

   In the recommendations released, CSOs urged Oyo State Primary Healthcare Development Agency to strengthen community and CSOs involvement to increase utilisation of COVID-19 vaccines, improve routine immunisation performance and support factual public information on COVID-19 in the state.

  At the review meeting, the CSOs called on Oyo State Government to make available resources and institutionalise financing mechanism for health security including COVID-19 equitable recovery, tasking the state government on the availability of adequate COVID-19 vaccines in all the state’s vaccination centers, aimed at increasing uptake of COVID-19 vaccines.

   The societies also called for the engagement of the state Ministry of Health for collaboration to monitor, track allocation, donors support, loans and government releases for health security and COVID-19.

   “The state government should ensure that the state ministries of health and finance publish the state government’s 2020, 2021 and 2022 COVID-19 and Health Security expenditure report.

“The federal government must find ingenious ways to improve routine immunisation coverage in the state. It is also important to the call for the prompt release of all budgeted funds for immunisation related activities “, the societies stated.

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Underscoring the importance of all the recommendations stated by the civil organisations at the review and validation meeting, Dr Musa Muhammad Bello, Department of Community Medicine, Bayero University/Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital, Kano State, emphasised that the points raised will enable the state and country at large have a healthy population.

The COVID-19 and health security accountability scorecard were developed through adaptation of indicators from the World Health Organisation (WHO) Joint External Evaluation and tool for evaluation of International Health Regulation (IHR) 2nd edition, review of government documents, including budget and presentations, review of COVID-19 related government online dashboards, advocacy/retreat meetings with relevant government agencies, CSOs, media and young people.

 The scorecard was developed to report CSOs review on Oyo state’s capacity on preparedness and response to health security and COVID-19.

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