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Hepatitis B not 100%curable – WHO



Contrary to beliefs held in many parts of the world, new scientific investigation has explained that hepatitis B is not 100 percent curable.

  The study was published in verified Facebook page of World Health Organisation (WHO), today.

  The study was carried out by a US-based Hepatitis B Foundation.

  Explaining that though some hepatitis B medicines reduce potential liver damage by suppressing the virus, the study says his helps liver enzymes and liver function normalize thereby improving the organ’s ability to heal.

  According to them, although the disease cannot be cured, chronic hepatitis B can be treated with medicines which can improve long-term survival.

  “Hepatitis B is percent curable do not be deceived. We have no evidence to show that hepatitis B is a curable disease whose infection completely goes away from the body forever,” the post reads.

  It will be recalled that hepatitis B is a liver infection caused by the hepatitis B virus.

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