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IPAC kicks against money politics in Nigeria



…Urges anti-corruption graft agencies to invite perpetrator for investigation

THE Inter-party Advisory Council (IPAC) has been lamenting the high incidence of vote buying that played out during the concluded presidential primary elections in the country, calling on anti-corruption craft agencies to investigate the perpetrators of the action to save Nigeria from breeding more corrupt leaders.

  The Chairman of IPAC, Yabagi Yusuf Sani, who gave the indication and the call while speaking in a media programme in Abuja, earlier this week, also urged the federal government to consider primary elections as a critical stage of the nation’s electoral process, which should be funded by the government for rules and regulations to be maintained, and right people elected.

He said, “experience has shown that what emerged from most primaries is not the best… it’s he who has the ability to pay… a situation where money speaks.

  “This direction we’re taking today is a wrong path to develop a democracy in a developing country… a situation where all you need to do is to fill your pocket or briefcase with dollars, and come on a election day and buy up everybody who doesn’t even want to know who you’re, but only want to know how much dollars you’re paying… this is what our democracy has become, plutocracy.

  “However, our democracy cannot be allowed to be run by only group of individuals that have money, for this is inimical to this country from all ramifications…

  “We’re not happy about this because we believe that today, Nigeria requires people with hands-on experience, people with track records, people that can think out of the box… not this kind of people we’re joining up for Nigerians to choose from”, he said.

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  The IPAC Chairman further stressed, “EEFCC, ICPC, and police themselves were in primaries. They wouldn’t tell us nothing happened. So, they’ll invite them (parties) for investigation… for if there’s anywhere to fight corruption, I think it’s here we recruit our leaders”.

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