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Anambra re-introduces history in schools



 ANAMBRA State Commissioner for Education, Ngozi Chuma-Udeh has declared the ministry’s intention to re-introduce History as s subject in the curriculum of Anambra Staate Secondary Schools with effect from the upcoming academic session.

  Disclosing this in an interaction with the Education Secretaries of Anglican and Catholic Dioceses; the commissioner stated that History as a subject has always been an integral part of Anambra State’s curriculum, adding that the decision borders primarily on educating the students on not only the histories of nations, but also the history of the Igbo race in particular.

  She emphasised on the need for all Igbo students to learn and understand the history of the Igbos dating as far back as the pre-colonial periods and encompassing the colonial experiences of the Igbos, as well as their post-colonial vagaries and nuances. “This accentuates the need to understand the Igbo history in order to unravel the Igbo aesthetics of the Igbo identity.

  “The re-introduction of History as a subject that includes the Igbo history is borne out of concern over the constant relegation of Igbo heritage and cultural interest and the threat of extinction that succeeds this relegation. Concerned about this degradation of the Igbo heritage and identity, the Soludo education administration therefore deems it wise to educate the Igbo students on the need to preserve their heritage and identity  through the knowledge of the history of the Igbo race, After all, a popular Igbo adage says that “o si taa diba mma, o di gboo”.

  “This strategic introduction of Igbo history as an aspect of History shall be facilitated through the use of textbooks on the history of the Igbo race in all its chequered and change-making periods and such texts would be reviewed and sanctioned for use before the next academic session begins in September this year”.

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   She also revealed that the present administration is looking at bringing wholesome and valued-based literature books to the classroom, adding that the next academic session will witness a lot  of changes for the good of teachers and students.

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