Medical expert urges nursing mothers to exclusively breastfeed infants



A MEDICAL Practitioner and Executive Secretary of Enugu State Primary Health Care Development Agency (ENS-PHCDA), Dr George Ugwu,  has urged nursing mothers to feed their babies exclusively on breast milk, saying that exclusive breastfeeding promotes physical, emotional and mental development and other perimeters of a child.

  He made this known on Thursday in a statement to announce the two-week aggressive campaign on exclusive breastfeeding in Enugu State .

  The executive secretary said that once a baby is fed well through exclusive breastfeeding; his or her development would be rapid in term physical, mental and in other perimeters.

  “For now, from all available research conducted, exclusive breastfeeding is the most natural and best for the baby in terms of his or her development.

  “The baby’s bonding with the mother and by extension the entire starts early and grows as the child mature further

 “It also helps to immune the child and preventing dangerous diseases in adulthood for the child.

  “Exclusive breastfeeding also helps the mothers body and reproductive system to heal fast and return to normal; thus, making her healthier.

  “During the period of the exclusive breastfeeding, the mother has ample opportunity to learn more about her child mannerism,” he said.

  The executive secretary said that for the family, exclusive breastfeeding increases bonding, check monetary wastage on canned or processed foods and help the entire family eats more of healthy and nutritious local foods.

  Ugwu said that the state had commenced a 2-week aggressive campaign on exclusive breastfeeding, from August 1- August 15 and that the agency would be making numerous advocacy visits to religious and traditional leaders in the 17 council areas in the state for them to be actively involved in this campaign.

  According to him, “within this two week, between Aug. 1 and Aug. 15, we are going to use town announcers (or town criers) in various communities to spread the good news of immense benefits of exclusive breastfeeding.”.

 Ugwu said that the agency would embark on road shows within the metropolises of the state as part of the campaign.

“We are grateful to the health-loving governor of the state, His Excellency Gov. IfeanyiUgwuanyi, for his numerous supports to the agency as well as this aggressive exclusive breastfeeding campaign.

  “We also appreciate UNICEF, WHO and other international and local health partners for supporting the agency and by extension the state in its health delivery drive,” he added.

  He said the theme of the 2022 breastfeeding week is, “Step Up for Breastfeeding: Educate and Support”.

  Breastfeeding is the balanced nutritional and health-immune milk food from the mother given to the child after few minutes of being delivered and continued Exclusively without water for the first six months of life.

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