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Anambra Assembly passes Multi-Door Courthouse Bill



ANAMBRA State House of Assembly has passed a bill for a law to establish Anambra State Multi-Door Courthouse and Connected Purposes.

  The Executive bill, passed during plenary seeks to enhance access to justice by providing alternative mechanisms to supplement litigation in the resolution of disputes through establishment of a Multi Door Courthouse.

 The passing of the bill followed clause by clause considerations of the bill by the committee, after which the Speaker of the House, Right Hon UcheOkafor read out the bill for passage, while the lawmakers supported it through voice vote.

  Commenting on the bill, the member representing NjikokaI Constituency, Dr. Timothy Ifedioramma noted that the bill will eliminate all litigations associated with universal courts, minimise citizen frustration and delays in justice delivery by providing legal framework for fair and efficient settlement of disputes using Multi-Door Courthouse.

  The  House also passed a resolution directing the Commissioner for Lands, Survey and Town Planning to deal directly with Ozo James Eze as a land owner and pay him 20 percent compensatory plots due to him at Nkwelle and Isiagu communities, respectively and adequately compensate Ozo James Eze for his economic trees and crops that were damaged on or before two weeks from the date of adoption of the recommendations of its committee on Public Petitions on the petition brought to the House by Ozo James.


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