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Naira falls to N630/$1 at the black market



THE exchange rate between the naira and the US dollar closed at N429.13/$1 at the official Investors and Exporters (I&E) window.

  Naira appreciated slightly against the US dollar at the official market on Monday, with a 0.28% appreciation to close at N429.13/$1, compared to N430.33/$ recorded as of the close of trading activities in the previous trading session.

  The appreciation of the local currency is following the 51.26% increase in the amount of forex supplied in the official market. A total of $95.58 million in FX was traded on Monday, 18th July 2022, an increase compared to $63.19 million that exchanged hands on Friday, last week.

  On the other hand, the exchange rate at the parallel market fell by 1.69% to close trading activities on Monday at N630/$1 compared to N619.5/$1 recorded in the previous trading session. This is according to information from Bureau De Change operators.

  Also, the exchange rate at the peer-to-peer market depreciated by 1.69% on Tuesday morning to trade at a minimum of N630.2/$1 compared to N623.1/$1 recorded on Monday morning. This is the highest rate recorded at the unofficial market, according to data tracked by Nairalytics.

  Nigeria’s external reserves increased by 0.03% on Friday, 15th July 2022 to stand at $39.44 billion from $39.43 billion recorded as of the previous day. This represents the 26th straight day of improvement for the nation’s foreign reserve.

  The external reserve had been on a downward trend due to the continuous intervention by the Central Bank in the FX market in order to ensure the stability of the local currency. However, elevated crude oil prices have seen the reserve level improve.

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  The exchange rate at the official market appreciated on Monday, 18th July 2022, gaining 0.28% to close at N429.13 to a dollar as against the N430.33/$1 recorded on Friday, 15th July 2022.

  The opening indicative rate closed at N428.26/$1 on Monday, 18th July 2022, from N426.63/$1 recorded in the previous trading session.

  Furthermore, an exchange rate of N444/$1 was the highest rate recorded during intra-day trading before it settled at N429.13/$1, while it traded as low as N414/$1 during intra-day trading.

  A total of $95.58 million in FX value exchanged hands on Monday, which is 51.26% higher than the $63.19 million that was   traded in the previous trading session.

  Naira falls big to N430/$1 at official window as liquidity remains low

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