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Why Kwankwaso can’t be running mate to Obi: Matters arising



THE current political posturing of the strongman of Kano politics, Rabiu Kwankwaso (Kwankwasia movement) is not strange to studentsof contemporary Nigerian political history.

  The Northern Fulani hegemony has this mindset or mentality that the geographical expression or entity called Nigeria solely belongs to them as was bequeathed to the North by the erstwhile British colonial powers hence the common slogan “born to rule’.

  This superiority complex mentality and deeply entrenched political leverages and undue advantages enjoyed by the Fulani overlords clearly manifested themselves during the 2nd Republic in 1979, when a Fulani former school teacher from the North, the  late Alhaji Shehu Shagari became the first Executive President of Nigeria while the  late Dr. Alex Ekwueme of blessed memory with triple doctorate degrees in different disciplines merely played the second fiddle as the Vice President to Shagari.

  Again, during the annulled 1993 Presidential election,a Fulani businessman from Kano State, Alhaji Tofa was the Presidential candidate of the defunct Nigerian Republican Convention (NRC) while a renowned economist and the erstwhile Central Bank Governor of the defunct Republic of Biafra, the  late Dr. Sylvester Ugoh from the present Imo State was theVice Presidential candidate or running mate to Alhaji Tofa.

  Furthermore, in the current political dispensation, a NorthernFulani Islamic scholar, Adamu Adamu became the Minister of Education while an erudite Professor from Imo, now late,was the Minister of State for Education under Adamu Adamu and most recently, Dr. Emeka Nwajiuba, also from Imo State becameMinister of State for Education under same Adamu Adamu who has continued to hold sway in the Education Ministry till date.

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  The immediate past Chief Justice of Nigeria, a Fulani from the North, Justice Tanko Muhammad, who is versed only in Islamic legal system or jurisprudence and who recently resigned on health grounds became the Chief Justice of Nigeria by superseding all other erudite jurists of the Supreme Court. Justice Tanko Muhammad obviously was the least qualified to hold the highly exaltedoffice of the Chief Justice of Nigeria in view of his apparent clueless, uninspiring, unkempt and shabby personality as well as not versed or well-grounded in the practice of the common law.

  The above cited cases are mere tips of the iceberg as this ugly trend has become commonplace in virtually all the sectors of our national life.

  The powerful Northern political elites or actors are certainlynot prepared to surrender or forego their deeply entrenched and unmerited powers and privileges bequeathed to the North by the perfidious erstwhile British colonial powers who had merely lumped together incompatible people of diverse ethno-religious and cultural backgrounds during the infamous and dubious 1914 amalgamation treaty purely for her economic interest.

  And as long as this geographical expression or political entity called Nigeria continues to maintain the present extremely unwieldy, lopsided and unworkable political structure, the monolithic and indolent North will continue to call the shots and dictate the tunes and will even go to war should its strangleholdand domination of the country is ever threatened.

  The current highly  emotional quest and mass hysteria in the social media for power shift to the South would obviously fizzle out or disappear when the chips are down, even as the North would certainly deploy its legendary political brinkmanship and sagacity as well as its familiar tactics of divide and rule, horse training, intrigues and manoeuvres which wouldbe made to bear in the upcoming 2023 Presidential election through the Fulani’s usual appeal to primordial ethno- religious sentiments to enhance its electoral fortunes and cling on to power perpetually.. This is simply the political reality in the country.

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  The arrogance of power and supremacist mentality of the Fulani oligarchy dates back to the early 18th century when the jihadist and conqueror, Othman Dan Fodio conquered the entireHausa race and subsequently imposed his Islamic rule in the entire North. From then, the Fulani overlords had continued her conquest of Nigeria as her conquered territory and the Nigerian people as her subjects and inheritance in perpetuity from the erstwhile British colonial powers.

  The Fulani overlords, through the legendary late Sir Ahmadu Bello, the Sardauna of Sokoto had diligently followed in the footstepsof the founder of Sokoto Caliphate, Othman Dan Fodio and continued its conquest of Nigeria and her people.

  Finally, Nigeria would simply and dramatically collapse like a pack of cards the moment the entire South and Middle Belt regions realise their current slave status in Nigeria and decide to call off the bluff of the Fulani oligarchy and immediately abrogate the infamous, obnoxious and oppressive 1914 amalgamation treaty and unilaterally withdraw or exit the forced, extremely suffocating, and unworkable union. 

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