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Living Word Magnet School annual graduation: Chimnechetam dots on holistic education

EDUCATION empowers knowledge. It’s a veritable tool in advancing the totality of a person for the growth and advancement of society. The future of any child anchor sound education that grooms them for a life of significance.

  The Principal of Living Word Magnet School, Awka, Stella Chimnechetam, stated this at the 8th Annual Graduation Ceremony of the school held at the Anambra Newspapers and Printing Corporation’s Event Hall, Awka.

  Mrs Chimnechetam said the school management thought it wise to celebrate the pupils who have graduated from the primary arm of the educational institution.

   “Education is the bedrock of any society. There is a lack of focus among youths and we strive to bring out the potentials of the younger ones and channel their focus on what God has made them to be in life. We believe that no child is dumb. We urge graduands not to deviate from what they are taught in school but live  exemplary lives to inspire others.”

  “We are asking people to come and partner with us and register their children in our school. They will not regret it.”

  Chimnechetam assured that parents are in the right place without any mistake by registering their children into the school, adding that the management will give the best to the children more than their parents thought of.”

  In his remarks, the Proprietor of Living Word Magnet School and President of Living Word Ministries International, Bro. Emmanuel Okorie, who was represented by the Chaplain of the school, Bro, Emmanuel Aniukwu said the school is set to raise children with the vision of head and heart connection that ensures physical and spiritual advancement of the pupils while passing through normal academics settings.

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  “We are geared to remoulding and shaping  destinies, calling out graces and innate hidden potentials that have been hidden and committed to training children who have global relevance. We are conscious of the fact that we need the God factor in every endeavour and envisioned a scene to catch them young using the tool of education. Our vision goes beyond mere education but raising a generation  of people that will make physical and spiritual contributions towards others and posterity”.

  A parent, Ugochukwu Ifediora, an Engineer, acknowledged the school for the tremendous improvement in the academics of his children, stressing that their eagerness to study when they are from school is very encouraging.

  ”I would like to tell the school authority to continue with their laudable work and the teachers in particular who deserve  worthy rewards that these children will never forget the impact they are making in their lives.

  Chimamanda Ekweagana, who won the best overall student prize said books, listening attentively to her teachers, prayers and observing everything around her were the secret of her success.

  ” I feel how God feels right now, which is that He feels proud of me and I’m proud of myself. To keep it up, I will study more and put God in everything I do. To the school, I say thank you and to my parents’ thank you for raising me in a Godly manner,” she said.

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