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Ilonzo heads Anambra’s new 15-man Traditional Medicine Board



ANAMBRA State Government has inaugurated a Traditional Medicine Board with the mandate to standardise traditional medicine and herbal practice in the state.

  The inauguration, which took place at the Government House, Awka, saw traditional medicine practitioners from the three senatorial districts in attendance.

  The board has Chief Mrs Flora Ilonzo of  Centre for Psychic and Healing Administration(CPHA), Awka, as the Chairperson, the General Secretary as Dr Wale Akeem, Financial Secretary, Rev Fr Jude Okoye, among others.

During the event, the Executive Director, Anambra State Indigenous Medicine and Herbal Practice, Dr Daniel Ejie, outlined the expectations of government from traditional medicine practitioners to include collation of their biometrics, inspection of their practice and where they practice to ensure strict adherence hygiene requirements.

  He added that each of them is also expected to get a licence, identification card and NAFDAC number for the medicine they produce, all in the quest to ensure best global practice.

  Dr Ejie further noted that anyone of the practitioners who refused to give government access for inspection will be drastically dealt with according to the law.

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