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Anambra plans schools upgrade



ANAMBRA State Commissioner for Education, Ngozi Chuma-Udeh has disclosed government plans to upgrade and equip schools in the state for children to be trained and tutored in a more conducive learning environment and in accordance with requisite standards.

   Prof. Chuma-Udeh, who made the disclosure at the state House of Assembly Complex, Awka, shortly after defending the budget for the Ministry of Education, said the target was to have a conducive atmosphere of learning and also inbuilt into the curriculum dependable skills that will make the children wholesome human beings.

   She said henceforth, it will no longer be what can the state do for me but what one can do for the state and  that government intends to raise progressive human beings who can participate in the development of the contemporary society.

   The Education Commissioner noted that there is a paradigm shift from the traditional method of learning to what she mentioned as Hi-Tech education. She also disclosed that most dilapidated primary school buildings would be renovated so that children will be comfortable while learning.

   According to her, well-trained teachers who

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