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71% of Nigerians don’t trust judiciary – Report



SEVENTY one percent of people living in Nigeria do not trust the country’s judiciary.

  This was revealed by a new report released yesterday by the bodies of Anvarie Tech and ResearcherNG and Bincika Insights. The study was funded by the Washington DC-based National Endowment for Democracy under the title: The State of Freedom in Nigeria Report.

  Presenting the report, Senior Programme Manager of Anvarie Tech, Farida Adamu, said the study assessed citizens’ views on freedom of expression, political participation, rule of law and corruption between November 15 and December 10, 2021 during which the group studied about 1,861 people across the six geopolitical regions in the country through simple random sampling standardised globally.

  According to the report, 71 per cent of Nigerians lack trust in the judiciary while 65.2 per cent lack trust in the government institutions established to tackle corruption and 40 per cent do not believe elections are free and fair.

  “On freedom of expression, 50.4 per cent of respondents agree that citizens are free to criticize the government without fear while 49.6 per cent disagree with this statement. Majority of respondents, comprising 69.3 per cent agree that Nigerian citizens are free to organise political groups while about 30.7 per cent of respondents disagree while 51.4 percent of respondents agree that the media can report critically about government institutions and officials without fear, while 48.6 percent of respondents disagree,” the report reads.

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