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Unprecedented push for widespread youth employment through merit



ONE of the deep-rooted millennial problems facing the nation is the issue of unemployment. The expectation of the average graduate is to secure a well-paying job upon graduation from his studies but the harsh reality in the Nigerian labour sphere is that the completion of tertiary education serves as no guarantee for securing any meaningful employment.

  In the early 60s and 70s, the norm was that fresh university graduates and even graduates of teaching colleges, more often than not, had jobs waiting for them with all the attending benefits but the table has turned and graduates loam the streets in search of jobs.

  Being abreast of this issue, Governor Charles Chukwuma Soludo on assumption of office, 100 days ago, promised to implement to the letter, his mantra known as “Soludo Solution” which he said will run on five pillars.

  Being the fifth democratic Governor of Anambra State, he explained that his ‘Solution’ is a contract with Anambra State that will leverage on the 50-year development plan which he presented to his predecessor as the chairman of the committee, ‘Anambra Vision 2070’.

  In his manifesto tagged “My social contract with Ndi Anambra, Governor Chukwuma Soludo declared that economic emancipation would be one of the pillars of his developmental agenda and through his economic empowerment plan, he will create 520,000 jobs and 4,000 youth millionaires in four years.

  To achieve his dream for ndi Anambra, the governor  started by launching what he called a ‘Talent Data Bank’ for citizens of Anambra State who have the passion, competence, capacity, as well as integrity to change the narrative in the state by being  problem-solvers in the state to seek political offices, public service as well as volunteer options.

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  According to the governor, “we hope to attract problem-solvers with passion, competence, capacity, and integrity who are interested in joining a team of other selfless public servants to build a livable and prosperous Anambra State.

  “The positions available ranged from advisory services, technical assistance, executive positions, as well as commissioners and heads of departments and agencies, membership of commissions and boards of parastatals and agencies; local government administration among other positions.

  Few weeks ago, the state kick-started teachers’ recruitment exercise in which qualified candidates applied to get a job in the teaching sector.

  Through this exercise, the state Teaching Service Commission received applications from suitably qualified candidates for teaching position in government secondary and primary schools in the state.

  The health sector was not neglected as the state is currently recruiting medical personnel to fill vacant positions in the sector.

  Equally, the governor in his resolve to make Anambra a livable and prosperous smart mega city, after his inauguration on March 17, embarked on massive cleaning of slums in Okpoko, Onitsha and also extended to other parts of the state.

  Opportunities were also provided for private contracting firms for continuous evacuation of waste in the state.  These contractors, in line with Soludo’s solution will however create employment opportunities for youths who will engage in door to door waste collection and disposal as well as road sweepers.

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