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In sports, Anambra now explores foreign collaborations



PROFESSOR Charles Chukwuma Soludo’s 100 days in office as a governor maybe far from perfect but he has been able to exhibit some characteristics that impress the public, raising hope for a promising future, especially in the world of sports.

  Although the past administration may continue to receive credits for the Anambra new stadium, but governor  Soludo’s government, through the office of the state sports commission and its chairman,  Tony Oli,  alongside Prestigious Football Academy, were able to host Bayern Munich Youths Competition, an annual competition that sees the top German football giants visit different countries every year to organise and recruit different young talents back to Germany.

  The competition took place at the Anambra new stadium as it was the first of its kind in the state and the whole South East region. 10 academies were hosted by the state.

  During the event,  the Aspire Foundation Board of Trustees Chairman, Dr Emeka Okeke hinted that the programme was part of the many projects of ” My Anambra Football” program. Governor Soludo’s Government through the office of Chairman of Anambra State Sports Development Commission (ANSSDC), Tony Oli, urged the FC Bayern team to consider Anambra State first when it wants to establish football academy in the country.

  He said the state was blessed with abundant talents, having been a major supplier of talents to the various grades of the Nigerian national teams over the years.

  “Though at a point, we appeared to have lost that status but with establishment of an ultra-modern stadium in the state, we are now back to continue from where we left off.

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  “This is the more reason why we deserve to be considered first for such project by FC Bayern”, Oli sounded.

  Just two weeks after the Bayern Munich event, the secondary school tournament ,also known as Anambra Academicals came to an end. The tournament was sponsored by the Governor Soludo’s government. Every school that participated was rewarded with jerseys and footballs. The tournament, which was categorised into three groups which are U -13 boys category, U-17 boys category and and U-17 girls category ensured that the winners of the finals, which was played at the Awka  New Stadium were rewarded with N500,000 each, while the front runner were rewarded with N250,000 with extra balls too.

  In preparation for the National Youth Games that will take place in Kano, this year, the Soludo government has organised trials for worthy athletes that will represent the state.

  In addition, Awka City Stadium still remains the home ground for Enugu Rangers FC and also Anambra Independent Football League.

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