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Good diet, necessary for children



FUSSY eating habit is one of those challenges that usually make parents go mad with their kids. Not only is it frustrating to cook a healthy meal, have your child refuse eating and then get into a battle of wills, but behind that frustration can be real concern, if your child is getting all the nutrients they need to grow and develop?

  Research revealed that such habit is usually observed or seen during the ages of two and six, as children start to want more autonomy. It also pointed out that two things parents cannot make toddlers do are that  they can’t make them eat what they don’t want, and can’t really satisfy them at all times. “Toddlers want autonomy over their bodies.”

  It further said, if one has such kind eater, it means such child is moving through a typical developmental stage. That is the reason why it’s necessary to take the nutritional long view. One meal, or 10, is not going to make or break such kid’s diet. And a balanced diet for a child may look a little different than one may think.

  A specialist on nutrition said, the vast majority of particular eaters are still getting the nutrients they need, “We know most kids are getting plenty of protein, unless they’re picky to an extreme,”. Afterall, many grains and dairy contain protein, not just meat.

  No wonder, a primary care pediatrics advised that parents should try to include healthy foods in their child’s diet every day and every meal. Model the behaviour they want to see them at the right time. “If you’re not eating fruits and vegetables every day, your child will notice and will not like to eat it too.”

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  Although, the hardest thing for parents to learn is that the more they focus on what their child is eating, and try to cajole or bribe them to eat healthy foods, the more oppositional they are likely to become. Nevertheless, parents should try as much as they can to be neutral.

  Furthermore, guardians should as well make dinner a time when their family will come together. “When a child sees his or her parents are enjoying the meal, with good conversation and food are flowing, he or she will likely want to be part of that,” added a nutritionist.

  Other suggested tips include, involving the child in shopping or food prep and being smart about incentives, offer fun activities like reading a book, going for a walk, dinner menu rather than bribing with dessert will go a long way molding the child’s attitude towards his or her eating habits. When you create a food hierarchy by bribing or banning, all it does is make the dessert more appealing and the healthy food less so.

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