Udenwe’s ‘It Has to Do with Emilia’ adapted into film



From Kosi Chukwuagolum, Enugu

 NIGERIAN award-winning writer, Obinna Udenwe’s short fiction, ‘It has to do with Emilia’ has been adapted for screenplay by a Namibian movie director, Bridget Pickering.

  The novel, published in 2017, has been adapted due to the topical issues it addressed in society.

  ‘It has to do with Emilia’ follows the story of an unusual love affair between a struggling job-seeking young man named Temitayo and an older evangelist named Emilia, who shows up on his door one day to share the gospel.

  The film bears the same title with the short fiction and is set in Yeoville, Johannesburg, South Africa.

  The movie is a production of BUMP Films and directed by, Lunar Pickering.

According to Brittle Paper Magazine, the movie stars South African actors Zenzelisphesihle Sparky Xulu as Temitayo and DidintleKhunou as Emilia and other stellar of acts.

  The film is set to screen soon at selected upcoming festivals across Africa.

ObinnaUdenwe is the winner of the 2021 Chinua Achebe Prize for Literature and a 2021 NLNG Prize for Literature shortlisted author for his book ‘Colours of Hatred’.

  The engineer-turned writer is also the author of ‘Satans and Shaitans’ and the founding editor of The Village Square 

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