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2023: Whoever denies Orsumoghu, Ubuluisiuzo turn to represent Ihiala Federal Constituency hates truth, peace – Nnabuife



MANAGING Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Anambra  Newspapers and Printing Corporation (ANPC),  Chuka Nnabuife has made it categorically clear that anybody who denies Osumoghu or Ubuluisiuzo turn to represent Ihiala Federal Constituency in 2023 hates truth, peace and development in Ihiala Local Government Area of Anambra State.

  The Anambra Newspapers boss, who hails from Ubuluisiuzo in Ihiala Local Government Area said his community and Osumoghu were the two communities that have not seen or occupied elective political offices since the creation of the council area and inception of democracy in spite of failed promises made to both communities.

  Chief Nnabuife, who also had ambition to represent Ihiala at the Green Chambers in 2023, recently said he  paused his ambition for the sake of peace and progress in Ihiala, especially as it concerned aiding chances of Osumoghu and Ubuluisiuzo in the coming election, stressing that the two communities will no longer settle for empty promises as equity, justice and fairness demand that Osumoghu or Ubuluisiuzo should represent Ihiala Federal Constituency this time.

  Sir Nnabuife said, ” Osumoghu and Ubuluisiuzo are the only towns in Ebonesie and by extension, the entire Ihiala Local Government Area that have not gone for any political office. I stepped down first for Ubuluisiuzo’s strategy to get its view. Secondly, I stepped down for peace and equity in Ebonesie and by extension Ihiala Local Government.

  “I have a project called Heal Ihiala Project and I know that my candidacy will heal Ihiala because I have no doubts that I have more capacity than any other person in the race, including those in the incumbent position by my pedigree. But politics is not about having capacity or ability to do something, so the calculation doesn’t fit an Ubuluisiuzo option now. So I stepped down for Osumoghu. I stepped down for the agreement and sharing formula in Ebonesie Zone.

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  “Again Osumoghu and Ubuluisiuzo are the most rattled communities in Ihiala Local Government. Rattled by insecurity, banditry and a lot of demeanors which Ihiala is not known for. The worst thing anybody can do in this situation is to cause more discontent and make peace flee. I wouldn’t want to be part of anything that will create confusion in an already challenged society like Ihiala Local Government.

  “My explanation to my teaming supporters for stepping down my Reps ambition is that we will get it another day. It is better to go for peace than any development that will cause more confusion and make the peace not come.

  “So Heal Ihiala Projects by my stepping down is also contributing to healing Ihiala but if it turns out that an Osumoghu man or an Ubuluisiuzo man is denied the 2023 option, no problem but we will live with the consequences of our decision. “

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