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I can account for every kobo that came to Dunukofia under my watch – Ezeudu



LAWRENCE Chukwuweike Ezeudu, the lawmaker representing Dunukofia State Constituency in the 7th legislature of Anambra State, says he can account for every penny spent as constituency funds in Dunukofia Local Government Area under his watch in the last eight years.

  Ezeudu, who told our correspondent in Awka that he had already become a successful private businessman before joining politics, said all the money meant for execution of projects was judiciously deployed in accordance with the pressing needs of the people of Dunukofia State Constituency.

  He said no kobo of the constituency funds was wrongly applied, instead, he added his own personal money to make sure his constituents got the very best of project implementation in the area.

  The lawmaker explained further that his style of representation as well as his pragmatic deployment of public funds has indeed endeared him to the people of Dunukofia and beyond because he made sure that every community has one or more signature projects instituted by him. 

  Ezeudu said he was ready to give a detailed account of how he handled constituency funds because all the projects as it concerns physical infrastructures and human capital developments have concrete evidence in all the communities comprising Dunukofia State Constituency.

  The lawmaker said, “I have signature projects all around the constituency. For instance, the payment of WAEC fees for secondary school students which I intend to go a step further to include their JAMB fees. I also intend to extend it to Anaocha and Njikoka to make sure that every child that passed through secondary school must be able to take WAEC.

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  I am acutely aware that so many students drop out of school after six years just because they cannot afford to pay for their WAEC examinations. So throughout my stay in the House of Assembly and the records are there; I have made sure I paid WAEC fees for ndi Dunukofia.

  Every community has my signature in Dunukofia. The best community healthcare facility in Dunukofia; that is the Umudioka Community Healthcare Centre was built by me and I also furnished it very well. My projects are also in Nawgu, where my predecessors have tried but could not succeed.

  I am the one that insisted that every school in Dunukofia must be well fenced because of the scourge of herdsmen and also to avoid child kidnapping. So I fenced the schools at Umunnachi, Ifitedunu and other schools in Dunukofia. Many civic centres in the communities were built by me. They are all there and very functional. I also refurbished the markets in Ukwulu.

  I can’t count pipe-borne water projects. Revamped and rebuilt Umunnachi Community Girls Secondary School for the records. At Ukpo, I did one of the best water facilities in the local government.

  St. Mary High School, Ifitedunu, was burnt. I rebuilt it myself. My projects are uncountable in Dunukofia. I think I have performed with meagre resources and I can account for every Kobo that came to Dunukofia under my watch. 

  Before joining politics, I was a private businessman and I was very successful in all ramifications. I am not in politics as a personal business. I really want to serve my people. I really want the voice of my people to be heard in the Green Chambers.

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  It will not be wise after the patrimony of the state has been used to train me for eight years and I don’t transit to the federal house. So the records speak for itself that I have been trained. We cannot afford to send people who have not been trained as parliamentarians.” Ezeudu, who disclosed to our correspondent that he is currently aspiring to represent Dunukofia, Anaocha and Njikoka Federal Constituency on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC), noted that he is a two-time legislator and that his exploits speak for themselves.

  He said he believes politics is local and there is no single community that won’t testify to the dividends of his stewardship in the State Assembly in terms of human and structural development, adding that he still remains the best Dunukofia, Njikoka and Anaocha can provide for the House of Representatives in the next political dispensation.

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