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U.S. contributes $768m to fighting malaria in Nigeria



UNITED States of America says it has spent $768 million, supporting government authorities to fight scourge of malarial in Nigeria within the last 11 year, adding that both countries have advanced the fight against the malaria despite the immense challenges posed by COVID-19.

  A statement issued yesterday by US Embassy in Abuja said Nigeria and US have committed and courageous frontline health workers, especially nurses, midwives, and community health workers, across the country, who went the extra mile to ensure essential malaria services were sustained.

  “US President’s Malaria Initiative (PMI) has partnered with Nigeria to fight malaria since 2011, contributing $768 million to date and $74 million in FY 2021. PMI’s Annual Report, released today, showcases how the strong partnership between United States and Nigeria enabled robust and effective malaria services to continue in FY 2021, even as COVID-19 caused enormous strain on the health system,” the statement said.

  The US said through PMI funding and programmes, 58 million bed nets, 130 million fast acting medicines, and 82 million malaria test kits have been delivered to clinics and communities since 2011.

  The government said 24 million preventive treatment doses were also delivered to pregnant women within the same period, while 13 million doses were given to children during the rainy season.

  According to the statement, over 3,666 health workers received training that amplified their ability to detect and treat malaria, while strengthening the health system overall and providing key skills to fight COVID-19 and future pandemics in Nigeria in the last year.

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