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It’ll be injustice if I didn’t contest 2023 election – Osinbajo



NIGERIA’S Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo (SAN), said it would be injustice if he did not contest the 2023 election with his vast experience in the last seven years in office.

  Osinbajo made the disclodure yesterday when he visited Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu of Ondo State in his office in Akure.

  He said that it was God that put people in power, but noted that it would be a betrayal of his country for him to retire with all his exposure in government.

  The vice president commended Akeredolu for the giant strides of achievements in the state.

  “It is such a special privilege to be called to serve; it is a very special privilege to serve either as exco, House of Assembly, even as NWC member.

  “I am sure that everybody knows that I have formally declared my intention to run as president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

  “I did so on Monday April 11th, 2022, and I did so because, first of all, there is nobody that can be anything God does not decide that he would be. Only God can make a person president, vice president, governor, anything whatsoever.

  “So, I believe the hand of God must be on anything we are doing, but I declared my intention based on first, the fact that I have served, again by the sheer grace of God, I have served for seven years and some months.

  “President Muhammadu Buhari, just out of his open mindedness and his own generosity ensured that I was given very serious responsibilities as vice president and I also acted as president.

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  “In that capacity, I got to know so many things that most people will never come across, even people in government will never come across and I gained a lot of experience on that account.

  “Many times, the president, when he was away, said pointedly to me that look, I don’t want to fetter your discretion in any way. As acting president, you are president, just make sure you are fair and just. Don’t refer anything to me, don’t ask me any question, just do whatever you need to do.

  “I think it will be a betrayal to our country, to our nation. This is a nation that many people died for. People died for this country. If I, with all that have been given to me by the grace of God, retire quietly either to Lagos or Ikenne and go and be writing my memoirs; It will be great injustice to our country. That is why I throw my hat in the ring and ensure I make the best case for the position of President of Federal Republic of Nigeria,” he said.

  Gov Akeredolu appreciated the vice president for the visit.

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