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In Awka, Weplaybeat Entertainment holds maiden audition



AS THE entertainment industry blossoms, a new entertainment company has taken the cue to invest in budding talents.

  Weplaybeat Entertainment  is made up of the photo studio, a music studio and a movie production outfit. Located in the heartbeat of the Awka city, the CEO of the firm, Anointing Akoma said the idea for the audition is to discover potential talents that will revolutionise and revitalize the movie world.

  While addressing the participants, the upcoming script writer and movie director, Cyril Ehiaguna advised the budding actors to emulate the likes of legends in the industry.

  “The movie industry is replete with several talents. However, every one of us have the potentials to be among the reigning legends.”

  “You must understand that focus and commitment is very necessary to achieve your desired goals,”he stated.

  A participant, Kelvin K expressed excitement for the opportunity given to him to display his acting process and promised to dedicate his time in engaging in the artistic impression of the production company. Another participant.

  Thelma  appreciated the director for the opportunity. She emphasised her readiness to work hard and hit stardom.

  Meanwhile, the director promised that the anticipated movie will be shot in full HD camera and would make box office hit.

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