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CIIN addresses poor insurance industry’s image with quiz contest



CHARTERED Insurance Institute of Nigeria (CIIN) has supplemented ongoing industry efforts to further regenerate image and growth of insurance in Nigeria as it last Friday, flagged off the ‘CIIN Nite of Talents’ which is the first of its kind and the maiden edition of its social night for the industry.

  Chairman of the Council, Muftau Oyegunle, noted that the ‘CIIN Nite of Talents’ is a remodel and departure from the former ‘Miss Insurance Pageantry’ programme.

  The ‘Nite of Talents’ said Oyegunle, was created for the purpose of promoting insurance awareness, intellectual prowess and gender equality as it will showcase the intellectual capabilities of the next generation of insurance practitioners in the industry; and this will consequently help boost insurance adoption.

  He said the quiz competition is the highlight of the night as several contestants from insurance companies through displaying their potentials will compete for the crown and the winner from the contest aside getting a notable prize will also function as the CIIN Ambassador for insurance for a year where he/she will be engaged in several programmes geared towards projecting the Insurance Industry and the CIIN to the world.

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