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Soludo should prepare for war against revenue scavengers



CONVENER and coordinator of Recover Nigeria Project, Osita Obi has advised the incoming governor of Anambra State, Professor Charles Chukwuma Soludo to prepare fearlessly for the war against those he described as revenue scavengers syphoning resources of the state.

  Obi, who gave the advice during a telephone interview with our correspondent, said the revenue lords have amassed a lot of wealth with illegal collections and are battle-ready to fight back but encouraged the incoming governor to be

intrepid enough to fight them to a standstill because he believes that the revenue scavengers have done terrible blows to government resources.

  He said, “Soludo should pay attention to dismantling cultism in Awka so that greater revenue will accrue to Anambra State purse. 70% of internal revenue generated in this state goes to individual pockets.”

  Obi, who is also the convener of Movement for the Conduct of Local Government Elections in Anambra State, pointed out that the Dubai-Thaiwan Vision of Professor Soludo is possible with internally generated revenues but the issue, according to him, is that the incoming governor should prepare to incur the wrath of parasites who have been feeding fat from state revenues.

  Obi said that the revenue parasites have accumulated too much money to resist any

attempt to stop them from their illegal enterprise. He said the incoming governor has a huge task ahead and that non-governmental organisations like the Recover Nigeria Project and a host of others can be used as weapons of war against the revenue lords in Anambra State.

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  He said, “those economic scavengers have a lot of money to fight back. So he must be prepared for real war.”

  Comrade Obi however, praised Professor Soludo’s choice of a solemn, quiet handover ceremony on March 17, this year, saying that the decision was fantastic and it is the proper thing to do as funds should be deployed for development of the state and not for ceremonial banquets.

  Obi said, “I will attend Soludo’s inauguration ceremony uninvited and thereafter, accompany him to Onitsha, where I will start work with him because he is coming with a development plan beneficial to ndi Anambra.”

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