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Christmas: Anambra waives 10% tax reduction for citizens



AS PART of the ene of year activities, Anambra State Revenue Service (AIRS) has waived 10 per cent annual tax increase for ndi Anambra.

To this effect, taxpayers are encouraged to repeat the amount of tax they paid in last year’s assessment for this year, 2021.

Chairman and Chief Executive, AIRS, David Nzekwu, who disclosed this in a press release, further called on all business owners, professionals and other self employed persons who have not filed their 2021 personal tax returns to visit any of the tax offices across the state and file their annual returns, while those yet to pay their personal income taxes should endeavour to pay before December 31.

Dr Nzekwu further encouraged all companies, schools and business entities that have outstanding tax liabilities to clear them on or before December 31, adding that the AIRS will waive the interest and penalty on all the tax liabilities fully settled on or before December 31.

He advised all employers of labour to remit all tax deductions from staff salaries within the year to the state government using their ANSSID Numbers, noting that PITA 2021 as amended requires them to file their companies’ PAYE annual return on or before January 31, 2022 as non compliance attracts a penalty of N500, 000.

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