Umahi suspends salaries of perm secs, civil servants



...Sacks two coordinators over crisis in Effium

EBONYI State Governor, David Umahi has suspended the salaries of permanent secretaries and also sacked two coordinators from Effium community of Ohaukwu LGA of the state over the crisis that recently resulted into the abduction and killing of five construction workers in the area.

  He further suspended all civil servants from same community

  Governor Umahi stated this in Exco Chamber at Ochu Udo Centenary City, Abakaliki, during a security summit organised by the state’s founding fathers, Christian Association of Nigeria.

Umahi said that though the perpetrators of the killings and destruction in the area are funded from outside, some stakeholders of the area within the state, also fund such.

  “The perpetrators of the killings and destruction in the area are funded from outside. Some stakeholders of the area within the state also fund such.

  “I will approach the state House of Assembly for the way forward on the chairman of the council and the two House of Assembly members from the area.

  “The government cannot sit and watch them receiving salaries which goes in sponsoring killings and destruction of the peoples properties”

  “Recently, five construction workers on the state’s ring road which passes through the area were killed by unknown people and these workers who knew nothing about the crisis were here to help the state.

 The governor also disclosed that the suspects arrested over the incident confessed that the workers have been killed and buried , added that the government and the victims families, sought to know the location where they were buried.

 Umahi further disclosed that hoodlums ambushed the security team who went to the area and those officers have been reported killed or missing also.

 The governor frowned over the whole issues happening at the community, and directed stakeholders from the area to handle the issue within seven days or attract severe actions from the federal government.

  “My hands are tied on the matter as I swore to protect the lives and properties of the people.

 Meanwhile, Rev. Father Abraham Nwali, South East Zonal Chairman of CAN has urged stakeholders in the state to crosscheck the effects of hard drugs, especially ‘mkprummiri’ on the youths of that community, due to the negative effects on their actions recently.

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