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Saving our society from nkpurummiri



THE challenge of drug abuse, addiction and trafficking has always been a tough battle to many societies and governments across the world; Nigeria’s case will  not be an exception.

    THE rate at which the social evil permeates the soul and hearts of the most vulnerable group – the youth across country raises serious cause for concern.

   A VERY  dangerous  trend of substance abuse is wiping away our society with its  attraction, nowhere near its devastating capacity to sweep out our young generation  with its debilitating effects. Now, easily assumed hard drugs such as marijuana, cannabis, codeine, morphine, amphetamine, cocaine and heroine to mention but a few are taking away the heads and minds of our youths and making them mad. Yet none of the already mentioned drugs are as bad as the latest entrants.

     IN RECENT time, Nigerian society has been jolted with a new addition to the list of psycho enhancement substances and stimulants holding the youth and other classes of the addiction family captive. The new one  is popularly  called Nkpurummiri in Igbo society. it is made of crytsal methamphetamine.

  GOVERNMENTS are now engaged in battles to contain the spread of harmful substances amongst community of people and save the society from its devastating consequences. Nigeria is not left behind in this fight.

  THE Nigerian Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) and other sister agencies are up in zestful task to  burst the nests of the vendors and producers of  illicit drug as well as its users and traffickers both within and across borders. Just within eight months this year alone, 8634 drug traffickers have been arrested and seizures worth N100 billion made according to NDLEA boss, Buba Marwa. Though reports have shown that Nigeria serves as an active route for drug traffickers ferrying  illicit drugs to their final destination points, latest findings show that many of her citizens have become users of the drugs too as a good number of the substances now find their way into the social environs.

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   CONSEQUENTLY, the social system is swelling with its consumption. This begets multiplied number of social misfits and addicts with resultant  increase in  crimes, violence,  wrecked persons and social anomie.

DESPITE the efforts of  narcotic agencies, the culture is cutting through the fabrics of the youth at a worrisome high  level. In  secondary schools, a high   level of  Indian hemp’s use has become a trade mark of big- boyism – “the Bigs’. This trend is  manifest in   schools situated in both urban and rural areas. Teenagers outside the school setting are not spared from this self destructive tendency, as study shows that six in every 10 boys between the ages of 13 and  17 indulge in one form of substance intake or are  dependent on it. Statistics reveal that an average of 4.7 million Nigerians engage in drug use.

  NOW, the trending substance, nkpurummiri, threatens to destroy the faculties of these groups  and the larger clan of the country.The most odious factor is that the land is only getting to realise it when it is late. No matter how any sensible mind attempts to downplay the growing phenomenon, the sight of a young man posted in a social media video, crushing a manikin in an open market and mating with  it gives much reasons for concern.   That is the level things have  degenerated to with youths’ dependence on nkpurummiri. There is currently, a high percentage of  the generation doing more crazy things as a result of  abuse of the drug.

  THE question that calls to mind is, where  that will  develop Nigeria if the youths continue on this line of mental deterioration.

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IN THE foregoing, some underlining factors have been identified as contributory to the growing menace. Parental or guardians relapse in their responsibilities of bringing up their wards in with high moral values, youth’s penchant for joining the bandwagon without pausing to consider all consequences amongst other factors. Given the above factors, it should be known that the society so much abused today will seek recompense from every contributor that led  to the slide to this despicable point.

  THE youths should be adequately guarded against dangerous peer pressures and other tendencies that promote theirs and the society’s decadence. Therefore, the laws that strengthen social harmony should be enforced to the letter.

  NDLEA alone cannot take this fight. A synergy with the populace in combating this social malady is needed. The agency must strive to establish it. Else we are all doomed.

    NATIONALl Light believes  that pre-emptive measure will be more effective than curative approach to the development. Our society is on the verge of destruction if nothing is done urgently. There may not be sane minds enough to drive the affairs of the society in the future if the trend goes further unchecked. Much emphasis is on saving the climate; thanks to United Nations efforts and initiatives but greater disaster looms with the growing brain drain this drug abuse and addiction threat to societies’ wellbeing.  Only sane and stable minds can make the best use of friendly ecosystem or further develop society.  Time for reparation is now.

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