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Anambra election: Nobody can snatch Soludo’s mandate – Monarch



...Says gov-elect has wherewithal to excel in Anambra

THE case reportedly pending before the court to annul governor-elect of Anambra State, Prof Charles Soludo’s victory by disqualifying his participation in the recently concluded 2021 Anambra State gubernatorial election on the basis of an entry he filled in a form has been described as a wild goose chase.

  Traditional ruler of Ifitedunu, in Dunukofia Local Government Area of Anambra State, Igwe Chukwuemeka Ilouno stated this during an interview with National Light, yesterday.

Dismissing the court action as another charade orchestrated by its arrowheads to steal ndi Anambra’s mandate to Soludo from backdoor after they failed to do so from front door, Igwe Ilouno predicted that it would not succeed.

  “Where were those coming up with the claim now when their proxies were mounting one road block after another before the election? Isn’t it a backdoor move to steal what others failed to steal from the door? The fact is that the move is a mere wild goose chase, a charade of the highest despicable order. And it will surely fail like others before it had failed,” the monarch said.

  Igwe Ilouno also described the governor-elect as the only person who has what it takes not only to consolidate Gov. Willie Obiano’s performance in all the sectors but even notch the state on a higher development matrix.

  Explaining Soludo’s blueprint of making Anambra a Dubai of Africa as basis of his confidence, Igwe Ilouno said the master plan is a true reflection of a leader well prepared for the task ahead.

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  “Prof Soludo’s economic blueprint of transforming Anambra into Dubai is my basis for trusting him to deliver on his mandate. I always tell my children and those working for me to always set their target at the highest level or at least higher than everyone else. If you want to succeed, aim high. And this accords with sound logic. I do this because if you religiously aim at the highest target, you either perform more than your competitors if you achieve the target you set for yourself or you stop at something very near even if you do not meet the target. But whichever way, you come ahead of others. This is what Prof. Soludo did to bring ndi Anambra to his side despite presence of many names on the ballot paper. Everybody that has visited Dubai knows how high the country is. Therefore, for Soludo to set his target this high shows extent of his sophistication. But this, again, means he’d work so hard to meet the high expectation that is being attracted to his target,” he said.

  The traditional ruler said unlike many people, he has been observing Soludo at close quarters since both of them became members of League of Anambra Professionals.

  According to the monarch, the governor-elect should set out very early by inviting experts who has something to offer.

  “Prof Soludo should begin the journey by bringing a lot of people to his administration. From his party, from opposition, from the intelligentsia, name them. He can particularly tap from the wealth of expertise and technical know-how that abound in League of Anambra Professionals of which he is an eminent member. He should not leave out anyone who has something to offer ndi Anambra just because of political consideration. Obiano has just shown the world that Anambra is a business hub, waiting to be explored, waiting to be harnessed. Prof Soludo should woo more investors, both indigenous and foreign. He can do this by partnering the private sector by telling them ‘do this for me. Whatever that comes out will be used in transforming Anambra state even more,” Igwe Ilouno continued.

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