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Nov. 6 election: Anambra must not fail … else doom



…should be, because this is how it has always been everywhere that is knocking on cusps or twilight of another quadrennial fanfare that periodic electioneering has come to be known in democratic governance. Therefore, anything to the contrary is not only at variance with democratic ethos but does not accord to sound logic by any stretch.

This is why the few disgruntled, aggressive non-state actors singing stentorian tunes, through their misconceived sit-at-home order for instance, should be seen as saboteurs that they are. Yes, they have instigated pockets of isolated orgy of killings in some parts of the state and still threaten more.

Yes, frenzy politicking by politicians who are naïvely unaware they are playing into the hands of these merchants of violence that waiting to cash in and torpedo the election. But these subversive sentiments should not be allowed to have their way.

And the best way ndi Anambra can thwart their ploy is continuously keeping faith the electoral process by coming out en masse to vote on Saturday, because anything to the contrary is not only a reversal of recent gains but implies frustration or capitulation on the side of the people. And whichever it is massages these undemocratic elements’ ego very well.

  NOT coming out to vote is a folly that eludes only these fair weather puritans that are intolerant to anything, however altruistic, not conforming to their warped ascetic purview. Apart from its potential as harbinger of state-of-emergency on the state through the back door, by time a sole administrator – whose political DNA or tendencies may be anyone’s guess – is appointed by federal government to take charge of affairs, even economic fortunes of ndi Anambra and elsewhere may be up in the air by the  time traders in Onitsha, Nnewi and Awka markets take a hit or dip since Anambra accommodates more than half of entire South East population.

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IT BEATS every imagination that those pushing the idea do not know that under state-of-emergency, all democratic institutions are dismantled and sole administrator rules by military fiat or dispatch or something very close to it. This is why it is tantamount to crass naivety for anyone to imagine not having election in Anambra State on Saturday, November 6 as scheduled by INEC. Any informed educated adult mind will know it is akin to ndigbo killing themselves even before their death comes if this election does not hold, because it may trigger more ripples and jitters across Igbo land that are unimaginable to those working against the process now.

  BUT another anagram in this puzzle is why the call for a sit-at-home action that will commence just 24 or 48 hours to Election Day. This is closely connected to a maze over why it is whenever it’s time for Anambra governorship election that these goons always up their ante. Where were these do-gooders when Anambra was grappling with past contradictions from which only God knows how the state came out stronger? Why won’t they take this ‘pilot scheme’ of their new found power to their own states and leave Anambra to consolidate recent gains? 

  THIS is why ndi Anambra should not allow outsiders to goad them towards drinking from a stream the same strangers, themselves, would not allow in their own states. They do not mean well, they are just hell-bent on a Talibanesque reconfiguration of Igbo land in which they would be numero uno or Alpha and Omegas without whom there may be no sunlight. They want to take off from Anambra State and ndi Anambra may be committing a political suicide of the century to allow this to happen, by not coming out to vote or supporting anything that may abort the election.

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  THERE is no basis for that, not when Gov. Willie Obiano is not leaving anything to chance to ensure that the people continue to have their say in who becomes their leader after his tenure comes to an illustrious conclusion on March 17, 2022.

The governor is working round-the-clock with other well-meaning people and group, across party divides and affiliation within and outside the state, which have any role to play in the exercise. The least to be done by ndi Anambra in reciprocation of the governor’s resolve, tenacity and sleepless toiling for the state is to go out and vote for any candidate of their choice in disregard of those behind the nonsensical obsession with ill-informed zealotry who are just baiting the people to mudslinging, because these zealots who are already trapped in mud have no fall to fear again.

  THEREFORE, ndi Anambra should know that history is unfolding. But on which side, given what the state went through in still not-too-distant time, they will be remembered lies entirely in their own hand. This is why the people should not forget Winston Churchill’s inimitable admonitions that “any nation that forgets its past has no future.” This clarion is even more compelling when this past is still fresh and bleeding in memory.

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