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Water scarcity looms in Abuja



RESIDENTS of Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja, are currently gripped with fear of imminent water scarcity in the city and its satellite towns.

  The fear was triggered by a release issued by FCT Water Board that Phases I, III, and IV Treatment Plants will be shut down for five days to enable connection of a Bye-Pass Trunk Line to Kubwa Main Line for rehabilitation of the treated water tank.

  According to the board, maintenance work is scheduled to take place in two phases. While phase one begins Monday, phase two is scheduled for Friday.

  “Consequently, there will be disruption of water supply to residents of Maitama, Asokoro, Garki I, Garki II, Karu/Nyanya, Kubwa I and Kubwa, Wuse I and Wuse, Barracks and Central Area. We regret the inconveniences this exercise may cause you,” the statement said.

But the release sparked instant fear among FCT residents who saw it as adding more dregs to hardships being experienced by people living in Abuja and environs.

  While some wonder how people should be subjected to water scarcity amid problems facing them in other areas of daily life, others call on government to do all it can to ensure that the situation does not get out of hand. 

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