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Exclusive Interview: Cadlands Boss, Okeke Shares Life, Business Experiences



By Izunna Okafor

MacAnthony Chimezie Okeke (born June 14, 1995) is an award-winning realtor and the CEO of CADLANDS REAL ESTATE LTD, a fast-rising real estate brand, emanating from Awka, Anambra State, Nigeria.

Okeke, who hails from Ofufe-Nza, Nza in Ozubulu town, Ekwusigo L.G.A. of Anambra State, is the third of five kids; and has a vision to transform the Real Estate Sector in Nigeria. His awards include ASES Award of Recognition on Contribution Towards Welfare of Students; Rotary Club Award on Professional Excellence Service; and South Eastern Campus Award (SECA) of Recognition on Youth Development, among others.

In this interview with National Light’s reporter, Izunna Okafor, Okeke shares his personal life and business experiences.


National Light: Looking at your profile, you’ve proved to be a hard-working man. Congratulations. Having seen your feats, we would like to know your background. What was your experience like, when growing up?

MacAnthony: I come from a poor background, grew up in a poor neighborhood. My father was once wealthy and then things went bad while I was very little. So growing up was tough. We starved. We were often sent out of school. I’ve got a tough mother who kept on giving sweat and blood to ensure we were back to school.

National Light: Tell us about your personal/marital life:

MacAnthony: I am a business-minded person, very interested in economics and finance. I’m social person and I love good music. I am single. 😊

National Light: Were there some things you had tried your fortune on before venturing into real estate? And why did you quit them?

MacAnthony: I was an MC, did a little of acting, organized a contest once. I didn’t quit these. I just place them on pause to focus fully on real estate. I do MC now occasionally for friends and family because it’s my passion. I’ll most likely return to filmmaking, maybe much later.

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National Light: What endeared you to real estate? What made you choose and venture into real estate, among several other ventures ?

MacAnthony: I already had a background in it, sort of. My dad was into it, though on a low scale. Plus I felt it’s profitable. 😊Real Estate revitalizes my spirit.

National Light: How has Nigeria as a business environment treated you?

MacAnthony: Not fairly. Ease of doin business is currently almost zero. We keep pushing and we are surviving on God’s Grace.

National Light: Looking at your biography, you have always supported creative Nigerians, especially the youths. Over the years, you have also sponsored many wonderful events and programs that will help impact positively on the people, all with your personal resources. Why do you find interest in doing these, despite the ever-worsening economic situation in the country?

MacAnthony: Creativity gives me joy; and giving people a reward for it gives me greater joy. Storytelling in particular I feel is a way to inform the people and ignite conversations that would have otherwise not been had.

National Light: You hustled to make your wealth, while many youths out there are risking their lives and the society, trying to make it by ‘Get-quick-rich’ approach. What is your advice to such youths?

MacAnthony: Make wealth that gives you people. Wealth you’ll be proud to talk about how you made it. Even though we chase money, it’s not money we seek but fulfillment. For a lot of people are rich but restless and scared. Why make money if you’d always get jumpy when you see a police man?

National Light: Any unforgettable experience you want to share with us?

MacAnthony: Probably when I was heartbroken 😅

National Light: Your life has been a testimony. Are there people who have helped you to reach this level, and who you would want to appreciate?

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MacAnthony: Yes, my mum. She didn’t quit on us.
My mentors, my friends, my family.

National Light: What mostly challenges you as a human being?

MacAnthony: Business. Navigating each transaction to achieve an excellent result takes both mental, emotional and spiritual efforts.

National Light: Highlight your achievements so far.

MacAnthony: I’m a renowned realtor with 3 estates in Anambra, a working team, hundreds of Affilliate marketers who earn from these. Seeing people put more efforts because they listened to me is a big achievement

National Light: Any other thing you want us to know about you?

MacAnthony: I’m a man who wants to make money, love God and provide for his family.

National Light: What are the Mission and Vision Statements of CADLANDS?

MacAnthony: MISSION:

To provide affordable lands for clients.
Eliminate the risks and difficulties involved in property acquisition.
Maximize profit and value of properties for clients.


To be the best in real estate
while making ownership of landed properties easy and accessible to all.

National Light: What are the services provided by CADLANDS?

MacAnthony: Land sales and property development

National Light: As an award-winning realtor and the CEO of CADLANDS Real Estate Ltd., could you please share with us, your experience so far in real estate venture?

MacAnthony: It’s been tough. It’s been fun and it’s been profitable. Surviving depends on how well you navigate the market

National Light: There are many real estate ventures and realtors in Nigeria, both old and upcoming. What are the unique qualities that differentiate your venture and your services from others? I mean, why should a customer choose CADLANDS over others, when it comes to real estate in Nigeria?

MacAnthony: – We sell affordable lands. We are not all about profit. This allows our clients profit.

  • We allow ease of payment. One of the easiest in the country. This is to assist low-income earners. One could own a land by paying as low as 12,500 weekly.
  • We have an evaluation method that helps us select the best places to have an estate and and so our properties appreciate fast.
  • We secure your property even in your absence
  • Most of all, we sell genuine property.
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National Light: Is there any limit to the areas/locations covered by CADLANDS and her services? In other words, do your services spread across Nigeria, or, is it only within Awka and its environs for now?

MacAnthony: We cover Awka and Anambra for now. We do have plans of expansion to other parts of the country by 2022.

National Light: Are there more special things customers or potential customers need to know about CADLANDS?

MacAnthony: Like our mission and vision says we give you the best at best price and at best places.

National Light: Are there some major/landmark achievements of your venture that you would want to share with us?

MacAnthony: We’ve over the years built a real estate portfolio of hundreds of clients – rich or poor, our system accommodates you.

National Light: Any challenges ?

MacAnthony: The biggest challenges remains acquiring genuine properties. We’ve been able to surf these waters by creating the CADLANDS systemic way.

National Light: What are your future plans?

MacAnthony: Continuous growth and expansion. To continue to be the best in real estate and give our clients the best real estate portfolio.

National Light: To your customers, you say…?

MacAnthony: Thank You for so far.
It’s been good, it’s about to get better, hang on.

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