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Anambra: No to state-of-emergency, electoral violence



WITH shock, ndi Anambra beheld the unguarded outburst of the Attorney General and Minister of Justice of the Federation, Mr. Abubakar Malami, last Wednesday.  He hinted  that state – of -emergency is likely to be declared in Anambra State following  the rampaging activities of the so-called ‘unknown gunmen’ that  have  led to brutal killings of people, security agents and arson on   public institutions.

  PROMINENT Nigerians and  Anambra State citizens, comprising legal practitioners, legislators,  Anambra State Traditional Rulers Council, among others rose in unison to condemn the  embarrassing comment  of the country’s chief law officer. While the Anambra State House of Assembly condemned the act during a plenary session, urging the Attorney General to withdraw the statement which they deemed a threat, the royal fathers issued paid advertorials in national newspapers, even as  Governor Willie Obiano promptly travelled to Abuja for a heart-to-heart talk with President Muhammadu Buhari on the  development.

  ADDRESSING the media after conferring with the president, Obiano disclosed that the president washed his hands off the position of the Attorney General, opting rather to direct the Inspector General of Police to draft additional policemen to Anambra State to beef up security to ensure smooth conduct of the November 6 governorship election while protecting public institutions that have everything to do with the polls. 

IT IS exhilarating that the governor has calmed frayed nerves by his prompt action which has emboldened the political parties involved in the quest for Anambra Government House to continue with the electioneering campaign without fear of the so called  unknown gunmen.

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  TRUTH be told, apart from the disreputable exploits of the unknown gunmen, some politicians have been known to be fond of taking advantage of financial cravings of idle youths and stuff them hundreds of thousands of naira to work as hit men and political thugs with core mission of  disrupting  election campaigns and threatening the  staff of the Independent National electoral Commission (INEC) so as to gain unmerited victory at the polls.

WITH the timely and daring moves of Governor Obiano, these untoward maneuvers and arrogant disposition have been nipped in the bud and ndi Anambra are encouraged to come to welcome governorship campaign trains and eventually step  out in their numbers to cast their votes come November 6.

  IT IS understood that electioneering in Nigeria is characterised by covert strategies that breed bitterness and rancour among political opponents, friends, family members, faith groups and different political parties’ followers. Already, the level of hate speech, blackmail and campaign of calumny on air and on the streets of Anambra currently is marveling coupled with the general insecurity across country which has resulted in killings, maiming, kidnappings and abduction of citizens, politicians and even school children.

IT IS clear that some desperate politicians and their supporters currently hide under the anonymity of the ‘unknown gunmen’ and the activities of some members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPoB) to hit targets in order to inject fear into the populace and make the electorates afraid of participating in the November 6 election or to frustrate the conduct of the election for reasons best known to them.

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IT IS therefore pertinent to advise that it will do ndi Anambra and ndi  Igbo no good if the Anambra governorship election is not held in peace or if the state gets a state-of-emergency.  The truth is that creating an atmosphere of fear and violence and scaring the electorates away from going  out to vote will only give way for those who want to rig to foist their preferred candidate on the people of the state.  

  NATIONAL Light therefore, passionately appeals to non state actors who are being fingered as disturbing the election campaigns of political parties to have a rethink for the overall weal and welfare of Anambra State in particular and Nigeria in general.

  NOTHING good and growth-enabling  is like peace and understanding of the signs of the times. The alleged gunmen should have a rethink and rein in whatever may be their grievances and allow peaceful election campaigns and election to hold without bloodshed.

 NDI Anambra have actually sacrificed a lot in the name of politics. It is so much so that  that they cannot allow the state to be used again as battling ground for any invading or political force. The state cannot afford to be forced to slide back to the dark ages of political gangsterism, bickering and acrimony.

  WHAT is most important is that a good candidate with good vision that will entrench good governance will be elected freely by the people.

 HENCE politicians, religious and community leaders and  all stakeholders in the election process should  work to achieve free, fair, peaceful and credible election in Anambra State on November 6, in order to show fellow Nigerians and the entire world who are watching  that the state is truly the Light of the Nation. 

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