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Whitemoney, takes the Golden Fleece



THE story of the Golden Fleece as recorded in Greek mythology was replicated  Sunday night in the just concluded controversial TV show, BBNaija season 6.

  Finalists included controversial Angel, domineering Cross, funny Pere, lover boy Emmanuel, gallant Liquorose and charismatic Whitemoney.

  Housemates were expectant as they anticipated the best. Then, came the bombshell which left four persons evicted leaving the battle of the titans between Liqorose and Whitemoney.

  Finally, Biggie announced that the overall winner is Hazel Onou, aka Whitemoney, which led to fans’ positive reactions worldwide.

 Definitely, Whitemoney has brought home the symbol of authority, the Golden Fleece, represented by the N90million prize.  Below are some character traits that made him remarkable and endeared him to bigger fan base.

Quiet as a bird but swift as an eagle

  Whitemoney was possibly the most quiet of the housemates at the beginning of the show. He seldom got himself embroiled in big fights. When the other housemates were involved in a standoff, Whitemoney almost never picked a side, but would offer his advice (good or not) to the parties involved. In a game that often rewards those who make the most noise, Whitemoney has shown that playing it cool can be just as effective. He was always calm and proactive in conflicting situations.

Observatory hindsight and foresight

  The morning gym sessions come to mind here. While the other housemates would grunt, squat, puff and sweat, Whitemoney would usually be lying down on his gym mat, looking at them like they were crazy. On the occasion that he did decide to move a muscle in unison with the others, it would be the barest minimum and sometimes even less than that. To him, physical fitness is for other people.

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Value oriented personality

  Whitemoney’s self-appointed position as chef-in-residence was a deliberate strategy. When Pere used his position as Head of House to block Whitemoney from the kitchen, it was because he identified the threat; somebody who is indispensable and forever in everybody’s good grace is unlikely to find himself on the nomination lists, meaning that everybody else’s risk goes up. As a game plan, Pere was probably spot on. Whitemoney’s disappearance from the kitchen led to almost instant food shortages, fights and animosity toward Pere’s leadership style.

Blessed are the humble….

  Whitemoney’s gratitude after surviving his first eviction was palpable, and it translated into support from viewers, who saw it as proof that he wasn’t the typical arrogant.  In the same vein, Whitemoney regularly said that his time in the House taught him a lot about himself, and about the type of person he wanted to be; another sign of humility that resonated with the voting populace.

Comic relief

  Whitemoney has a spectacular sense of humour about those around him. His regular joking around made for some good viewing.Being able to joke with every one of the housemates was a trait that everyone recognised, and it made some of the conversations in the House lit.


  Whitemoney, during a diary session on the show, declared that sweeping and cooking are not his strategy to survive eviction from the show. He said fans might think his constant cooking and sweeping in the house was a survival strategy. He, however, said he was trained that way and that he was just being himself. His housemates had been spotted praising his cooking skills many times.

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  “Immediately I stepped into the house, I knew what I wanted,” Whitemoney states. In one of the few chats with Biggie, he replied that his ancestors would be angry with him if he chose love over money. The Enugu born entrepreneur maintained his status quo of determination and focus as the race continued.

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