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How to stay awake while studying



THE greatest enemy of any voracious student is frequently sleeping. As medically stated, sleep is actually beneficial to human health, but as a student, when it becomes outrageous, it can destroy one’s future.

  Studying at night has been proven to be the best moment as it is devoid of distractions and noise, but in the course of students doing their bests to study at night, they are often left perplexed at dawn when they actually discover they slept on the books all through the night, without gaining anything and they usually point the blame to sleep.

  Knowledge is not a gift; it is the reward for consciously seeking to know the facts. It can only be acquired through books.

Students spend money to buy attractive wears, sparkling shoes, big phones and lots more but have a poor library stands with just four or more books, probably forced on them by some lecturers. 

  However, the difference between one student and the other depend on the amount of information (knowledge) they have at their disposal. They should develop themselves to know more by studying and as well, ask relevant questions when befuddled.

  In order to enjoy a stress free reading, students should apply the following:

Study in serene and quiet environment:  Avoid any form of distraction including your phone as they affect the retentive power of the brain.

Study when you are not tired: It is not ideal to acquire knowledge when fagged. Ensure you take a nap and as well wake up strong before approaching your book to read.

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Study at the Proper time: Have a time table or schedule for each subject and follow it up diligently indicating the duration. It will relieve you of any stress, in the course of studying.

Train your brain to know when you are with books.

When feeling sleepy, do the following:

 a. Few jumps

b. Take cold water

c. Sit up straight

Study with your mind and eye: Be focused on the contents of the book. Use your eyes to grab the vital points.

Always study books that are interesting and those that capture your attention.

Get a note or a jotter and spell out any vital information you obtain while studying. It makes the mind to be super conscious of those facts.

Read the contents of the book aloud to yourself. Always pause for a while and meditate on the new facts obtained; it deters forgetfulness and promotes understanding.

Try to create a vision of book you are studying: Before picking any book to study, ask yourself this question “Why am I reading?”Great leaders are readers. To make your dreams a reality, you must sit down and study. Success is not by luck, it demands effort through constant quest for knowledge.

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