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Celebrating teachers, bridge-builders across generations



“BEHIND every successful accomplishment, is a good teacher”. As we celebrate the world teacher’s day, it is important to note the impact of teachers in society. The role of teachers in society accounts for the consistent growth of information and innovations in the world, as teachers are the bridge between knowledge and every generation. Therefore teachers are to be held with prestige.

 Although there have been several debates on the best profession. It is worthy to note that teaching encompasses every sphere of life. And it takes only teachers to keep knowledge alive. The absence of teachers in a territory is tantamount to anarchy, and a society without knowledge is prone to errors. Hence, any growth in a sector of the society must be attributed to the teachers that keep the knowledge swaying from one generation to another.

   Speaking on the world teacher’s day, Promise Okoko ,  a teacher at Blessed Child International School Awka, said that ” teaching is a vocation that requires commitment, hard work and patience. Raising the younger generation is a function of how much passion you have gathered”. Teachers are therefore the drive for the younger ones to soar. If the youths are the leaders of tomorrow, then the teachers are the hope of tomorrow.

  The theme of this year teacher’s day held on 5th of October, theme ‘Teachers at the Heart of Education Recovery’, is aimed at celebrating the efforts of teachers during the COVID-19 pandemic, to ensure continuity of lessons for students all over the world. The event saw some of the teachers from Anambra State rise to prominence. An Anambra teacher, Mrs. Bridget Nnabeze from Modebe Memorial Secondary School, Onitsha, won the best teacher in public secondary schools in Nigeria. Also a teacher from Our Lady’s High School, Onitsha, Mrs. Chiamaka emerged as runner up as the best school administrator.

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  In a message to Anambra State teachers in celebration of this year’s Worlds Teachers Day, Governor of Anambra State, Chief Willie Obiano said that the essence of the day was to create awareness about teacher issues and ensure that teacher respect is part of the natural order of things. “It is a day which provides opportunity to discuss, learn, argue, share and improve teacher issues.

  “The awe in which the teaching profession is held is seen in the various quotes ascribed to the profession. To John Wooden, ‘the teaching profession contributes more to the future of our society than any other single profession’. Helen Caldicott says, ‘teachers are the most responsible and important members of the society because their professional efforts affect the fate of the earth’. An unknown author says that ‘teaching is the one profession that creates all other professions.’ These are truisms and underscore why teachers are worthy of celebration.

  “I celebrate you today and always, our great Anambra teachers. I celebrate you for consistently partnering with the state government in the task of providing quality and value based education for Umu akwukwo Ndi Anambra. I celebrate you for your doggedness and for always rising up to any challenge. Your contribution to Anambra education in the heat of the COVID-19 era in 2020 is eternally engraved in my mind. You immediately rose up to the challenge and started the Anambra teaching on air, which runs in the state broadcasting station till date. I salute you for making yourself open to the numerous capacity building provided by my administration and facilitated by the Ministry of Basic Education. I celebrate you for your commitment to teaching which has continued to make the pupils and students win both national and global awards. I salute you for consistently making education a very strong enabler in my administration, and thus unleashing the potentials of students and teachers alike. I salute and celebrate you for continuously bringing laurels to the State in all the years of my administration.

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  “Today, in Abuja, you are again bringing back laurels to Anambra State from Mr President in celebration of your day. Anambra State is truly the Light of the nation and you teachers are the torchbearers.

  “My administration shall continue to celebrate you and will in the coming days continue to give you all your dues and more. Your salaries and promotions plus the incentive packages must come as at when due.

  In celebrating and appreciating your numerous contributions, my administration has demystified Salary Grade Level 16 and has removed the glass ceiling put on that level for teachers. We have in the last few years promoted teachers to SGL 16 in a manner that is unprecedented. We have given exposure to numerous teachers by sponsoring them to international trainings in Singapore, United States of America, United Kingdom and Dubai. We have trained over 10,000 teachers in ICT and given them exposure to online conferences. The result is that we have built your confidences, making you take pride of place among nations.

  “Today, as we mark the World Teachers Day, I want to assure you of my administration’s commitment to protecting your interest, encouraging you and giving you all it takes to bring out the best in you.

  I am a teacher’s son and I assure you that in all my dealings with you, I have continuously borne that in mind! God bless you richly. Happy World Teachers Day.”

  Teachers are indeed worth celebrating as they impact on the lives of millions. They help uphold the dignity of the society. The seeds sown by teachers are most times not seen, but the hearts that receive it would always be grateful as they set them aright for the future. Though many may give credit to other professions, it is obvious that every progress in life is inspired by teachers. Therefore it is important that everyone joins teachers all over the world to celebrate this year’s Teacher’s Day, in hope of greater improvement in various sectors.

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