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People with chronic diseases account for 85% COVID-19 deaths – Study



A STUDY published by Indian Health Ministry said 85 per cent of 6,985 COVID-19 deaths that have been reported up to August 13 in the country were among people who were suffering from chronic diseases and under medical treatment previously.

  Health Promotion Bureau Director, Dr. Ranjith Batuwanthudawa, stated this in a news conference, today.

  According to him, a total number of 2,261 (53 per cent) of the deaths among people who had been suffering from diabetes, while 2,202 (52 per cent) were under treatment for high blood pressure.

  He said some 1,001 (24) out of the total deaths reported up to August 13 were among those who were suffering from heart ailments and around 800 (18 per cent) were suffering from chronic kidney diseases.

  Batuwanthudawa also said around 445 (10 per cent) COVID-19 deaths have been reported among those who were suffering from Asthma.

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