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Blow your nose, go to jail in Kenya



KENYAN government has passed a new bill restricting residents in Nairobi from blowing their noses without handkerchief or tissue in public and spitting on the streets: a rule that may earn offenders up to 12 months jail term if caught.

  Disclosing this in a message, TheInforma media says the new rules introduced by the Nairobi County government and signed by Nairobi Deputy Governor, Ann Kananu, are aimed at keeping the city clean and hygienic.

  According to TheInformer, contained in the Nairobi City County Public Nuisance Bill, 2021, the new regulations also prohibits one from urinating in undesignated spaces, sleeping in kitchens or food stores, among others.

  “Persons found flouting the new law will be liable to a fine of anything between Sh10,000 and Sh500,000, and imprisonment of six to 12 months depending on the offence committed,” The statement read in part.

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